Thursday, July 25, 2013

And we're live!!

It's been a thrilling year so far, especially after officially launching Chichi Mary this April!  I'm also excited to start this blog and share some of the ups and downs of this journey.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.

For my first post, I'd like to lightly touch on some of my motivations in opening Chichi Mary, and what I'd like Chichi Mary to achieve.

My love for fashion started at a very young age.  I started watching fashion shows of my grandfather who is a fashion designer at the age of 3.  Just like most women, it excites me to look at beautiful clothes and I‘m really fascinated with how wearing beautiful and quality clothing impacts people.   I got really interested in children's wear when I became a mom to my darling Mary, who recently just turned 4.  Also -- after six years in the States -- I've become a big fan of online shopping and it's one of the things I’ve really enjoyed a lot.  It’s been a big time saver that has also provided me with a wide variety of options.  All these things stirred in me a passion, and it's that passion that has resulted in Chichi Mary.

One thing I've seen is that being based in the States, you get exposed to a lot of children's wear brands.  These range from being very inexpensive to burn-a-hole-in-your-wallet pricey.  But what usually amazes me (and makes me giggly-happy) is being able to touch and feel designer boutique brands and being able to appreciate the reason they're considered "designer" in the first place.  Seeing the high quality of the prints and fabrics, as well as the great quality of the clothes, makes me giddy :)  

The goal of Chichi Mary is to make these global brands of designer children's wear available to the Philippines and hopefully, Southeast Asia.  I want to provide Filipinos with easy and convenient access to global kid’s fashion.  I definitely know that there are a lot of Filipino (and Asian) women who are very fashionable, and these women are also the types of moms who want their kids to be fashionable as well.  Our customers should expect that what they see in Chichi Mary are what you would also see in international fashion boutiques.  I want our customers to feel happy with the knowledge that what their kids will be wearing are the same thing as what a stylish New Yorker or Parisian would be wearing.  And for a variety of reasons, the thought of enabling this makes me really excited. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing my adventures in the hunt for these great brands from different countries in the world -- Chichi Mary's dresses will be changing season by season with every new treasure that we find.

Having great products is one thing, but at the same time, I also want to be a pioneer in improving the online shopping experience in the Philippines.  I want our customers to associate the Chichi Mary brand with great quality service.  In line with this, we try to make our site as clean and easy to use as possible, and to deliver our customers' orders as fast as possible (we expect delivery within 1-2 days to Metro Manila and 2-4 days to VizMin).  We also emulate a service that here in the States is basically a given but is a foreign concept back home -- returns and exchanges.  By having local offices, we can even provide additional services like a customer service phone number that our customers can use for questions and even requests for measuring the clothes to ensure proper fit.

In future posts, I will regularly share the reasons that make boutique clothes special, and what makes them worth the investment.  One thing I'll mention now is that one big advantage of these clothes are the fabrics with which they are made.  Dresses available at Chichi Mary are usually made of premium cotton that are treated to achieve maximum softness.   I usually offer woven dresses (much more on this in a later post), which is more breathable and suitable for children especially in a tropical country like the Philippines.  My concern is not just about being stylish but for the kids to be comfortable as well.   

With that, I'll end this post by saying that we're definitely happy to be providing people this service, and we're excited to have you as companions in our journey.

We wish you all the best!