Monday, July 29, 2013

Fall buying season is almost here!

It's been a short three months since we launched Chichi Mary with a Spring 2013 collection, and before I knew it, the Fall buying season is now just a week away!!

Fashion Avenue
New York Fashion Avenue -- Picture courtesy of
This coming weekend, we'll be in New York for the second time in a month.  The first time was to meet with friends and celebrate the Fourth of July.  This time around, we'll be coming to attend not one, but two trade shows being held simultaneously.

Starting Chichi Mary as a business, I've taken on a lot of different roles and responsibilities.  For almost the past half-year,  this has included being a website content provider, an accountant, a customer service agent, a shipping coordinator, a marketer, and countless other roles needed by a business day-in and day-out.  And, of course, all of this has been done while happily fulfilling my other full-time job of raising a precocious 4-year old.  Now, I'm really excited to put on my buyer's cap again.  This has always been one of the main aspects of Chichi Mary that I know I will always enjoy.  Browsing the inter-webs looking at kid's clothes (or fashion in general), has always filled me with joy.  Imagine how I feel when I can actually see (and touch!!) those clothes in front of me, waiting to be appreciated!  Happy days  :)

For the Fall buying season, we're looking to refresh our offerings for the Spring 2014 collection (available around March-April 2014).  I definitely have an idea of what I'm looking for, but we'll also try to account for the Filipino taste, based on what's been our bestsellers so far.  Our customers have definitely loved Sophie Catalou (great pic here of Jackie Go's daughter, courtesy of Go! Jackie Go) and Stella Cove.  But of course, one of the great thrills of being in the tradeshow is that beautiful clothes are always just around the corner.  Definitely, our main challenge is to evaluate different aspects of the clothes, not just beauty but comfort and wearability as well as the price.  Although most of what Chichi Mary offers are, I must admit, not light on the wallet, we're trusting that our customers appreciate the value behind the dress and treat these pieces as investment in memories (more of this in a future post).

We'll be blogging more about both trade shows after the event.  We'll definitely try to post lots of pictures of beautiful dresses, and I hope you are as excited as I am  :)

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