Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NYC Tradeshow Weekend, Day 1

So the  tradeshow weekend came and went.  My spirit is so high, but my feet ache with the miles I probably walked along the hallways of those two tradeshows.  It was worth it, though, just to see all those beautiful clothes!!  :)

The first of the two tradeshows was more cozy and artistic compared to the other one.  I was happy that they allowed my daughter Mary in, and she definitely enjoyed playing with the different art installations.  I wasn't too comfortable at first given that she is playing inside an art piece, but hey, this is a trade show for children, so when I saw the daughter of some of the exhibitors playing, I let Mary enjoy the now "interactive" exhibits.

The great thing for me about this first tradeshow is that I can afford to be more relaxed while browsing, since my "must-have" brands are all exhibiting at the other trade show.  So here I'm just on the hunt for pieces that really catch my eye.

In the end, we saw lots of beautiful clothes, made some good connections, and ultimately decided to include another brand here for Chichi Mary.  I'm so excited to share this with you in future posts!

Stay tuned for the next post detailing the other tradeshow, but here's a photo-journal of our Tradeshow Weekend, Day 1.

Our daughter Mary at the entrance of the first tradeshow.  She is greeted by three things -- balloons, a pair of shiny bears and the red carpet.  She doesn't know the significance of the red carpet yet, but she's unsure which she likes better -- the bears or the big, colorful balloons.