Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NYC Tradeshow Weekend, Day 1

So the  tradeshow weekend came and went.  My spirit is so high, but my feet ache with the miles I probably walked along the hallways of those two tradeshows.  It was worth it, though, just to see all those beautiful clothes!!  :)

The first of the two tradeshows was more cozy and artistic compared to the other one.  I was happy that they allowed my daughter Mary in, and she definitely enjoyed playing with the different art installations.  I wasn't too comfortable at first given that she is playing inside an art piece, but hey, this is a trade show for children, so when I saw the daughter of some of the exhibitors playing, I let Mary enjoy the now "interactive" exhibits.

The great thing for me about this first tradeshow is that I can afford to be more relaxed while browsing, since my "must-have" brands are all exhibiting at the other trade show.  So here I'm just on the hunt for pieces that really catch my eye.

In the end, we saw lots of beautiful clothes, made some good connections, and ultimately decided to include another brand here for Chichi Mary.  I'm so excited to share this with you in future posts!

Stay tuned for the next post detailing the other tradeshow, but here's a photo-journal of our Tradeshow Weekend, Day 1.

Our daughter Mary at the entrance of the first tradeshow.  She is greeted by three things -- balloons, a pair of shiny bears and the red carpet.  She doesn't know the significance of the red carpet yet, but she's unsure which she likes better -- the bears or the big, colorful balloons.

Well, looks like the bears won  :)  A lot of these black and gold bears were scattered around the tradeshow floor, with different messages like this one.  Yes, we are ready to see all the pretty things  :)

One of the art installations inside the show.  The tree trunk is made of see-through fabric which was obvious when seen in person, but I'm amazed how much it really looks like a tree trunk in pictures.  Mary is amused with her glow-ball (hotel freebie), and spent a lot (as in a lot!) of time collecting the small (and real) acorns scattered around the moss.

Why yes, Mr. Bears, everything we've seen so far are pretty lovely.

Some of the cute toys available in the tradeshow.  You can see how much effort went into the staging of the different booths.

Back to the tree trunk again, this time to inspect some of the clothes hanging besides the tree as part of the exhibit.  I love how comfortable Mary is in her Sophie Catalou's.

These bears are reading my mind.

The bears pointing to a wall containing press kits for the different brands in the show.  I helped myself to a lot of these -- good reading material afterwards, both business and pleasure  :)  My husband always teases me that when I look at these product brochures, it's like doing a full-blown thesis lit review.  I don't really have any comeback because I'm guilty as charged  :)

Another art installation.  Mary will end up tripping on at least two of the spray cans shown here.  Kids really couldn't resist going through the maze of strings.

I loved the warm feeling of this "room" within the exhibit.  These people really know how to stage something.

The picture didn't come out as well as I hoped.  The white paper scattered on the ground are actually all hand-folded paper pyramids.  I guess they were distributed more artistically until Typhoon Mary saw it fit to rearrange them in clumps.

Some of the really pretty dresses that we saw.  The swag bag I'm carrying doesn't look as full as it would be near the end of the day.

These bears caused me to walk more than I would have, circling around to make sure that I didn't miss anything.  I didn't want to disappoint the bears, you know?  :)

We fell in love with the accessory brand Adelaide.  We saw other accessory brands in the two tradeshows, but this was hands down the most artistic and beautiful.  Mary loved their Raccoon headband so much, she was soooo  disappointed to learn that we wouldn't be able to take it home with us.  We'll talk about Adelaide more in future blog/social media posts.

This tradeshow was smack dab in the middle of Wall Street.  Don't ask me why it's here, but it's located right besides the NY Stock Exchange.  

After a whole afternoon of having her Mom and Dad wear out the words "No, please don't touch!", Mary is eager to unleash her energy.  She found her outlet in the form of the Red Cube -- a public art installation near Wall Street.

Ahh, the magic of burst photos  :)  With how exuberant Mary was, it's a wonder we were able to salvage a blog-worthy picture.  The great thing was that she felt so comfortable in the Sophie Catalou dress that she was wearing.

After a long (but fulfilling) day, what better way to unwind than to treat yourself to a gastronomic delight.  And Amen to the sign!  :)  This is right in the middle of Eataly, an indoor Italian market/restaurant/wine bar/gelato bar/grocery/pizzaria, which is in NY's Flat Iron District.  We love being based in Boston, but there are definitely a lot of places in New York that Boston is hard-pressed to match.

One of the best pork-belly ever!  I was thinking of  just sticking to the pasta, but I was so, so glad that I gave in to the call of the pork  :)  Maybe the "Life is too short not to eat well" sign had something to do with it.  :)

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