Monday, October 14, 2013

NYC Tradeshow Weekend Day2

With the second tradeshow of the weekend, the buying starts in earnest.  Most of the brands that we showcase in Chichi Mary typically exhibit in this tradeshow,  so it's time to do serious buying for our Spring/Summer 2014 offerings.

Ready to go and put on my buyer's hat  :)

Again, I was happy that they allowed my daughter Mary inside. Looks like this is standard in the tradeshows, as we saw kids accompanying both the tradeshow goers as well as the exhibitors themselves. I'm looking forward to taking her on other tradeshows not just here in the States but also in Europe and Asia.

This second tradeshow was way bigger and fast-paced than the first one yesterday.  Things were more business-like in how everyone handled themselves.  It was great to see some of the designers and/or their representatives again, especially from Sophie Catalou and Djaknemala/Stella Cove.  It was great catching up on shop talk and talking about which clothes were their favorites and which were the best sellers (which, a lot of times, are not the same).  It's great to just talk and mingle with some of the exhibitors and get a feel of how the culture of different countries affect how they design clothes.

After a long day of prowling the tradeshow hallways, I'm happy with the lineup we have for Spring/Summer 2014, and I'm so excited to make these available early next year.

Starting the day with mass at St.Patrick's Cathedral at Fifth Avenue in New York.  Mary, wearing her Stella Cove White Nozomi Dress, loves lighting up the offering candles, and makes it a point to do this in most of the churches we visit.

After church is a quick lunch at Todd English Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel.

The Todd English Food Hall is made up of different food stations where you can see the chefs cooking food in front of you.  We got seated at the seafood bar, and it was interesting to see the cooking techniques/tricks that professional chefs use to cook delicate fish.

These are some of the more heavenly cakes you'll ever taste.  These are from Lady M Confections also at the Plaza Hotel.  The last time we were in NYC, friends were strongly recommending trying this out, but unfortunately they had ran out by then.  This time, we went earlier and got both the vanilla and chocolate flavors.  Needless to say, my daughter, husband and I loved them!

Any trip to the NY Plaza Hotel for families with daughters would be incomplete without dropping by Eloise at The Plaza.  Mary was unable to play in all of the rooms as there was a birthday party being held at the tea room, so she made do by playing the "baby" baby grand  :)

Waiting for mama to come out with her game plan and her "must visit" brands.  And yes, Stella Cove and Sophie Catalou are definitely in that list  :)

Having fun at the Zutano exhibit.  Mary loves the chairs, as well as the freebie balls you can see in the background.  They were even serving champagne and appletinis to some of the exhibit goers!

Just an example of the beautiful swaths of colors that you see everywhere you look.  For someone who enjoys kids fashion, this is really heaven, and it's even better with the thought that I can share these clothes with the Philippine market.

Catching Sophie Catalou's owner during a quiet time.  We chatted a little bit to catch up and talk about what's happening this season.  Chichi Mary is less than half a year old, and Sophie Catalou has established itself as one of our favorite brands.

Mary having fun with a mannequin at one of the exhibits.  The clothes of this brand were really, really beautiful.

Some of the artful installations from the exhibitors -- this one from a brand that we'll be making available for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection -- stay tuned!

Talking to the representatives of some of our other favorite brands -- Stella Cove.  This is definitely one brand we really love and we're going to feature again in our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Our contact from the showroom taking a picture of Mary in her Stella Cove White Nozomi dress.  She forwarded the photo to Stella Cove's designer -- who  loved how Mary looked!

This is really unrelated to Chichi Mary, but I wanted to show some of the more formal dresses featured in the tradeshow for events like weddings, first communions, etc.  Really beautiful dresses.  They actually had 8-year old kids wearing these gowns during the show.

The Eliane Et Lena booth showcasing some of the dresses that were previewed to us before the tradeshow.

After a few hours of trying to contain her energy, Mary finally unleashed it by dancing along the tradeshow hallways, sans shoes.  I'd love to post a video showing how great the Stella Cove dress flowed while Mary was twirling and running around.

Mary trying to rearrange clothes that Mama had picked out for viewing.  She already has her own preferences on what Chichi Mary should offer  :)

Before leaving NY and heading back home to Boston, we promised Mary we can drop by the fountain in front of Central Park and the Plaza Hotel.  A few minutes stretched into an hour of playing around the fountain while chasing pigeons.