Thursday, November 6, 2014

October 2014's Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week

It's really been a while since we've updated the blog!  We've been really busy not just with the regular routine for Chichi Mary, but also in making sure that we keep ourselves updated on what's going on in kids fashion.  So since the time of our last blog post, we've been to five different fashion shows in three different continents around the world!  Now, it's time to give our blog the attention it deserves, and I'd like to start with a post about the most recent fashion show we attended.

The Petite Parade "Staff" badge my photographer was given for the event.

Last October 18, we found ourselves in New York City once again to attend our third straight PetitePARADE fashion show during Kids Fashion Week.  This has always been a fun event to go to, where we get a chance to see what the different designers are coming up with.  It's not only that you witness the latest trends in kids fashion but it's always great to meet new people -- fashion designers, fashion writers, stylists,  tot models and owners of the hottest IG accounts :)  From runway to front row seats, we have seen Sophia Pippen (daughter of Scottie Pippen), Harper Tillman (daughter of former NFL player Travares Tillman and NYC celebrity stylist Kiki Tillman)  and  Chance Combs (daughter of Sean Combs).

When we arrived, the kiddie models were sitting outside having fun.  We were already familiar with some of the girls, especially with Imoga participating in the show again.  Although their models were really cute in their catalogues, they were even more adorable sitting in front of us -- especially when they're allowed to be the kids that they are.

The press was there as well, even asking for a photograph of Mary, and we happily obliged.  They're trying to capture the street style of the pint-sized fashionistas during the kids fashion week.

One of the first brands to show was the brand Chloe.  The photos below show the atmosphere of the fashion show (with dresses from luxury brands Chloe and Alivia Simone being shown).

After one batch of brands, there's a break in between to allow the models time to rest as well as change attire and makeup for the next show.  During these events, Mary loves to just go play on the runway -- often with the other models who are done for the day.  Kids being kids, a few minutes of play and they look like life long friends.

There was also a book signing by Tiffany Beveridge -- author of the book "How To Quinoa: Life Lessons from My Imaginary Well Dressed Daughter" which is based on her popular Pinterest Board.  I started reading this immediately when we got back home, and I found it very humorous and entertaining. 

Here's a segment showing a beautiful floral Imoga dress, showing how the kids handle the pressure of runway modeling like it's just a stroll in the park.

We really love Imoga, and we can't get enough of the dresses that were shown here.  Here are some of the 15 dresses that were shown.  At least two of these will be featured in Chichi Mary this coming Spring/Summer!

The show was definitely enjoyable, and we're looking forward to going again next spring.  Thanks and kudos to the people behind PetitePARADE, as well as the designers, models and all the people backstage, for putting on a great show!

So what are the trends for Spring/Summer 2015?   I must say the collections we saw are looking very romantic.  The A-line dresses are prominent. From colors that are soothing and cool to the eyes, to laces and tulle that are ubiquitously present from almost all brands, it will be mostly a sweet collection for Spring/Summer 2015.  Expect these sweet and romantic dresses to be available at next year.  Stay tuned!

Before we end, here are some final pics that I thought were worth posting to provide more color to the event.

Some of Imoga's models enjoy lighthearted banter before the show.

Right before the Imoga show, this little kid almost stole the show by parading in front of press row like she owned the place  :)  She's definitely dressed for the part.

The end of the Oil & Water show, with their oh-so-cute models rocking the runway with their coats, rain boots and translucent umbrellas.

Imoga's Creative Director HeaJung Chung at the end of her show, accompanied by two of her models, Harper Tillman and Chance Combs.

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