Sunday, January 18, 2015


It’s about time! With Chichi Mary running for almost two years now, we are excited to add shoes to our store.  The first shoe that we will be adding to our collection is a casual shoe that is a necessity for all growing girls.

I've been on the lookout for shoes for a year already and I found myself admiring Spanish shoes.  In general, I've seen that Spanish shoes have really great designs and are built with quality materials but still have reasonable prices. I’m very excited to introduce CIENTA at Chichi Mary!

Cienta is an internationally recognized brand of cool and stylish kids footwear made in Spain.  The brand has been in the industry for thirty years now and has an advocacy of producing shoes centered on quality and comfort by using only natural materials and the most advanced technology.  The advantage of using natural materials on shoes, which is basically the same for clothing, is that natural materials are significantly more breathable. The use of synthetic materials on shoes cause the feet to sweat and to (I'm sorry to say) produce unpleasant odors because the materials do not absorb moisture.  According to Cienta, they used materials that are porous -- making the shoes lightweight and breathable from all sides, even the inner & outer soles. So if you’re looking for play shoes or everyday shoes for kids, Cienta is a great choice!

Girls love everything sparkly!  This is why we wanted to begin Chichi Mary's shoe line with Cienta’s sparkly collection.  They're great to be worn with almost all outfits – shorts, skirts, leggings, and even causal dresses.  When I decided to buy a sample of Cienta to have my daughter, Mary, try it, she loved it so much that she has been using it almost all the time.  Honestly, it is sometimes a struggle to get her to wear other shoes even during the cold winters here in New England when I want her to wear warm boots. In addition, Cienta shoes have scented in-sole paddings for cushioning and absorption of moisture. There's something about the candy-like new Cienta shoes scent that kids really love (and even adults too!).  They get curious to try on this candy-scented shoe and then get hooked to wearing it because they love the comfort. Mary will definitely love wearing her current Cientas right until they get too small for her (and then she'll just ask for a new pair).  :)

Mary wearing her Cienta shoes with a Siaomimi Tulle Skirt
Here are some adorable photos shared by Cienta USA:

Last but definitely not the least, the footbed of the shoe is removable to make it washable.  The removable footbed can be spot cleaned with cloth and warm water and the shoes without the footbed are machine washable in cold/warm water.  We can't expect the everyday shoes of our active kids to be clean and immaculate all the time, so the possibility of having it washed makes it more hygienic.  Being able to just toss it into the washing machine is a great bonus!

The footbed is removable, making the shoes washable.


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