Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stella Cove's Spring/Summer 2015

We’re so excited for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.  As a fashion buyer, this is one of my favorites!  Spring/Summer 2015 is very romantic.  Think about colors that are cool and soothing to the eyes, and prints and fabrics that are so sweet!  Expect ruffles and even pastel colors for the coming months. 

We start our Spring/Summer 2015 collection with Stella Cove.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed their past collections.

What do we love about Stella Cove? We never get tired of their bubble dresses.  Mary started wearing her Stella Cove bubble dress with the hem falling below the knee and over the years, the bubble dress has looked equally beautiful as hem of the dress has gone above the knee.  The print just doesn't fade and of course, who would not love its breathable fabric made of 100% woven cotton?! It makes a whole lot of difference when you know that the clothes your child is wearing are breathable.  As a parent, it gives you a certain peace of mind that your child will be comfortable all the time.  No itchy feeling! Other dresses made with synthetic material like polyester are not as breathable and are just too hot to withstand hot & humid summer weather.  And because the design and quality of Stella Cove dresses are impeccable, Mary has worn it on the beach, out-of-the-country trips, school, play dates, birthday parties and even during kids fashion events in New York City.

Mary wearing her Stella Cove White Nozomi Dress at The Eloise Shop at the NY Plaza Hotel
Mary wearing her Stella Cove Red Nozomi Dress during a hot & humid day in Tokyo.

Mary just people-watching at Boston Common right after a quick swim at the Frog Pond.

Mary last summer (August 2014) in a butterfly garden in Massachusetts.  This is the same red Nozomi bubble dress but now looks shorter as Mary grew taller, but it still looks every bit as good, and the colors are still so vibrant.
I love dresses that can be worn on several occasions.  With the addition or updates of accessories, different looks can be created.  In our case, we chose to wear different types of hair accessories or just layering the dress with a cardigan.  Living in New England, Mary can wear her Stella Cove dress from Spring to early Fall.  The bubble dresses can be worn with sandals, oxford shoes, sneakers, or even flip flops. 

Stella Cove Red Nozomi Dress worn with oxford shoes at Petite Parade Show in NYC

I must say these dresses are great additions to your daughter’s closet ;) And if there are days that you are just feeling lazy to think about her outfit, this is definitely one of those dresses that can be easily pulled out of the closet yet still guarantees an effortlessly chic look!

Check out our latest collection of Stella Cove at!


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