Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Sparkling Purple Birthday Party Celebration

Every year, we choose a theme for Mary’s birthday party.  Of course, for the first two years I had the liberty to choose the theme.  Once Mary turned 3, though, she began to have her own preference.  Every year, I take this opportunity to spoil Mary a little bit in such a way that she’ll be drooling over her favorite character through cakes, cupcakes, birthday dress, and party decorations at her birthday party.  It's always a simple birthday party every year. But exerting a little effort to prepare for her outfit and party decorations makes Mary feel really special!

For Mary’s 6th birthday party, Mary chose to have the My Little Pony party theme.  Mary loves My Little Pony’s Twilight Sparkle these days.   And for some reason, I love my My Little Pony too.  Perhaps, it’s the beautiful colors of the ponies and the interesting character of each pony that allure me.  Mary designated me as Rarity because of my love for fashion while Mary loves Twilight Sparkle because according to her both of them love reading books.

My Little Pony Birthday Theme | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
My Little Pony themed balloon arrangements made by owners of the party venue Hop N' Jump

Monday, June 22, 2015

Chic Summer Sandals for Girls - Oca-Loca from Spain!

For the longest time, I have been looking for girls shoes that will beautifully complement our collection of girls’ dresses at Chichi Mary Kids Boutique.  Sure, I’ve seen those shoes on Vogue Bambini or kids fashion show events. But searching for those girl shoes in the malls is not an easy feat. I’ve experienced this difficulty a lot of times especially when preparing for photoshoots of our latest collections.  It’s quite frustrating when I can't find the right shoe that is on my mind.

Most of our dresses at Chichi Mary are European or European inspired that's why I’m also looking for shoes that are classic but also have a touch of modern influence which can be seen through colors.  That is why I was so happy to discover the Spanish shoe brand, Oca-Loca, when we went to Madrid last year, and I’m even happier when we added the brand to our store this Spring/Summer 2015.

Oca-Loca Dressy Gold Sandals for Girls | Chichi Mary
Oca-Loca Dressy Gold Sandals for Girls

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A March of Beauty: The 8th petitePARADE Fashion Show

So many things have been ongoing for Chichi Mary Kids Boutique for the past months, we haven't updated our blog in a while.  I think it's never too late to post our blog post about the last edition of Petite Parade in New York City.  Here you go:

We are back again in New York's East Village for the Eight Edition of petitePARADE -- the premier children's fashion show in NYC. Currently featured are the Fall 2015 Collections of Anais & I, Little Miss Galia, Aria, Biscotti & Kate Mack, Dillonger, Imoga and Bonnie Young.   We were especially looking forward to the collections of Biscotti & Kate Mack as well as Imoga, and we definitely weren't disappointed!

Chichi Mary | petitePARADE Fashion Show Fall 2015