Monday, June 22, 2015

Chic Summer Sandals for Girls - Oca-Loca from Spain!

For the longest time, I have been looking for girls shoes that will beautifully complement our collection of girls’ dresses at Chichi Mary Kids Boutique.  Sure, I’ve seen those shoes on Vogue Bambini or kids fashion show events. But searching for those girl shoes in the malls is not an easy feat. I’ve experienced this difficulty a lot of times especially when preparing for photoshoots of our latest collections.  It’s quite frustrating when I can't find the right shoe that is on my mind.

Most of our dresses at Chichi Mary are European or European inspired that's why I’m also looking for shoes that are classic but also have a touch of modern influence which can be seen through colors.  That is why I was so happy to discover the Spanish shoe brand, Oca-Loca, when we went to Madrid last year, and I’m even happier when we added the brand to our store this Spring/Summer 2015.

Oca-Loca Dressy Gold Sandals for Girls | Chichi Mary
Oca-Loca Dressy Gold Sandals for Girls

What I love about Oca-Loca? You can immediately notice the enormous effort of the brand on the design and quality of their shoes -- even on the smallest details like beads and rhinestones that adorn the shoes. The colors of the shoes are very current and these splashes of colors are very important when you want to complete a girl’s chic outfit.  This line of shoes is not your typical classic shoes.  We love to say that it is definitely modern classic!   Something that can be cherished for a long time but most importantly, a pair of shoes that your girl would love to wear even with today's modern tastes.  The intricacy of the shoe design is just phenomenal!

Oca-Loca Flower Sandals for Girls | Chichi Mary
Beautiful flower details on the Oca-Loca dressy gold sandals.

Here are some of the beautiful photos captured from Oca-Loca Fashion Show in Madrid last July for Spring-Summer 2015 Collection.  These lovely photos prove that a beautiful pair of shoes completes a beautiful girl's outfit.  

Oca-Loca Spring/Summer 15 Collection | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Oca Loca Madrid Fashion Show SS15 | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Oca-Loca Madrid Fashion Show SS15 | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Oca-Loca Madrid Fashion Show SS15 | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Oca-Loca uses natural and high quality materials like sheep and goat leather in the upper, lining and insole of the shoes.  Just by merely looking at the pictures, you can easily identify that these are good quality shoes.  Another thing that I love about Oca-Loca is that they have this Miss Pepa brand that are designed for everyday wear and offers great value for money without compromising quality and designs.  Surely, an Oca-Loca shoe is a great addition to your girl’s wardrobe!

Oca-Loca Bejeweled Summer Sandals|Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Miss Pepa by Oca-Loca Bejeweled Summer Sandals 
Oca-Loca Pretty Pink Leather Sandals for Girls | Chichi Mary
Miss Pepa by Oca-Loca Pretty Pink Leather Sandals with Gold Bows
Oca-Loca Turquoise Summer Sandals for Girls| Chichi Mary
Miss Pepa by Oca-Loca Turquoise Summer Sandals

Oca-Loca shoes are available at!   Sizes are available from toddlers girls to big girls.

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