Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Sparkling Purple Birthday Party Celebration

Every year, we choose a theme for Mary’s birthday party.  Of course, for the first two years I had the liberty to choose the theme.  Once Mary turned 3, though, she began to have her own preference.  Every year, I take this opportunity to spoil Mary a little bit in such a way that she’ll be drooling over her favorite character through cakes, cupcakes, birthday dress, and party decorations at her birthday party.  It's always a simple birthday party every year. But exerting a little effort to prepare for her outfit and party decorations makes Mary feel really special!

For Mary’s 6th birthday party, Mary chose to have the My Little Pony party theme.  Mary loves My Little Pony’s Twilight Sparkle these days.   And for some reason, I love my My Little Pony too.  Perhaps, it’s the beautiful colors of the ponies and the interesting character of each pony that allure me.  Mary designated me as Rarity because of my love for fashion while Mary loves Twilight Sparkle because according to her both of them love reading books.

My Little Pony Birthday Theme | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
My Little Pony themed balloon arrangements made by owners of the party venue Hop N' Jump

Balloon Arrangements by Hop N' Jump | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake made by Keyks

My Little Pony Birthday Party | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
A simple birthday party arrangement 

For Mary’s birthday dress, she wore a beautiful Siaomimi ballerina dress in lavender.  Even though the dress is called a ballerina dress, it’s a tutu dress that is flexible to be worn in different themes and occasions by just adding accessories to achieve the desired look.  To make it a Twilight Sparkle costume, I went to Party City to buy the Twilight Sparkle accessory set.  Mary only wore the headpiece and  wings during the party because I knew she would be hopping & jumping at the party and attaching a tail on her dress was not practical.  Without the tail, I think we were still able  to accomplish her Twilight Sparkle look.   She also used a pair of  Cienta sparkly shoes to complete her outfit.  The shoes were just great for running and playing during the entire party.

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Costume | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
The birthday celebrant with Princess Celestia

Siaomimi Play Ballerina Dress | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Twirling in her Siaomimi Play ballerina dress

Birthday Tutu Dress | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
A closer look at the details of the Siaomimi Play ballerina dress.  We love its jeweled neckline and sparkly tiered skirt.

The party was held at Hop N Jump.  I love this place because they have a bouncy area, a toddler’s play area as well as a plaster painting area.   The whole place was exclusively ours for two and a half hours. When kids were tired playing in the bouncy area, they would transfer to the toddler’s play area to play with different toys.  The first hour of the party was spent playing in the bouncy houses and slides, and then, the kids went plaster painting.  Plus the owners of the place are fantastic too!

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Costume | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
"Twilight Sparkle" in action ;)

Plaster Painting | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Having fun painting her plaster cupcake.

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Time for the birthday song!

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
The cake's surprise! When we sliced the cake, purple m&m's just spilled over. The kids got really excited!

Overall, it was such a fun party!  Of course, I couldn't help but smile when Mary told me, "Mom, that's the best birthday party ever".   She always says this after her birthday party every year but it doesn't fail to please me ;)  Meanwhile, I can't help but think of the next birthday party theme ;)

Take care,

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  1. It is just outstanding Sparkling Purple Birthday Party!! I really love that beautiful cake. Did you make that or buy that? At some local LA venues we will be celebrating our son’s 5th birthday and would love to have that cake for him. Please reply soon!

    1. Thank you! A friend, who is a cake artist, gave the cake as a gift to my daughter. She's now on hiatus but here's her website: :)

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