Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tropical Vacation 2015 Part I: Boracay Island

My husband and I originally came from the Philippines.  Although we love staying here in the US, I see to it that we visit the Philippines regularly.  It is our second home because our extended family still lives there.  But beyond family, there is something about the Philippines that we really love.  It is the simple country living and the ability to spoil ourselves with white-sand beaches.

Boracay White Sand Beach | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
The relaxing view of the white sand beach of Boracay

During our last visit, my family decided to stay a few days in Boracay.  Boracay Island has been listed as one of the top beaches in the world by leading international travel magazines and publications.  It is my personal favorite.  I love Boracay simply because for me it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.  I can enjoy white powdery sand beaches with lukewarm water but at the same time there are still a lot of fun family activities.  The dining options are also numerous.  You will never get bored in this island!

Boracay White Beach | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Lounging during the day with my favorite fruit shake definitely creates a lasting memory.

When we went to Boracay last April, it was the peak of the summer season in the Philippines.  Temperature was around 90F on average.  For travels like this, I see to it that I pack lightweight clothes for Mary.  Of course, my first choice was to bring her Stella Cove dresses because these are beach dresses.   It is not only because these girls’ dresses are lovely and chic but also because the fabric is just perfect for tropical weather.  

All Stella Cove / Djaknamela dresses are made of 100% woven cotton.  Woven cotton maintains a beautiful silhouette of the dress because it moves freely and doesn't cling to the skin. Natural fiber like cotton has excellent absorption qualities and dries off quickly, meaning it is more comfortable to the skin because it is soft and breathable .  I think it is essential to know the fabric of  our kids clothes especially during the hot summer weather, especially for those who have skin allergies.  The fabric's ability to absorb skin moisture is essential to avoid skin problems.

Here are some of the beautiful photos that we captured in Boracay:

Stella Cove Blue Floral Dress | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Mary in her Stella Cove Blue Floral Dress.  Pairing the dress with flip flops for easy strolling at the beach.
Stella Cove White Slip Floral Dress | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Mary in her Stella Cove White Slip Floral Dress.  We love the bows at the front and back of the dress.

Stella Cove White Floral Dress | Chichi Mary Kids Boutique
Stella Cove woven cotton dress moves freely -- providing comfort to our little fashionista.

As you can see. my daughter loved wearing her Stella Cove cotton dresses all the time while we were in Boracay.  I personally love these dresses because they can be worn almost everywhere.   By simply adding new hair accessories likes hats or headbands with bold bows or flowers, and by pairing it with flip flops or dressy sandals like Oca-Loca shoes your girls can definitely wear these dresses on the beach, parties or even weddings during the summer months with guaranteed comfort!


Stella Cove Dresses are available at Chichi Mary Kids Boutique.

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