Friday, August 28, 2015

The Maritime Hotel In NYC

Three weeks ago, we were in New York City to kick off the beginning of Spring/Summer buying season. It’s this time of the year that I have to start consolidating and finalizing my merchandising plan for Chichi Mary’s Spring/Summer 2016. Our frequent trips to NYC gave me the opportunity to experience different hotel accommodations and of the many hotels we have stayed in, this one hotel really impressed my family and I.  The Maritime Hotel, located in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood,  was able to give that vacation vibe that it was almost like a short extension of our recent London holiday vacation.

Maritime Hotel | NYC | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Interesting architectural design of the Maritime Hotel, with windows shaped like a ship's portholes

I normally don't blog about hotel details during our travels, but I can make exceptions when the hotel leaves a mark on me. No, the Maritime Hotel is not something flashy and grand.   But it gives you this homey and cozy feeling during your stay, which makes it a perfect place to relax and recharge after a long day in New York City.  I’m glad I discovered The Maritime Hotel at Chelsea. The fresh scent of the lobby and hallways as well as the politeness of the staff as soon as I stepped into the hotel made me forget that I’m in the bustling city of New York.  

Maritime Hotel | Chelsea | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Maritime Hotel Lobby | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Lobby of the Maritime Hotel.  There are different books & dvds available for borrowing.  

I booked at the Maritime Hotel before we left for London.  I wasn't really expecting much from this hotel but I chose it because of its proximity to where I usually want to go -- the Garment as well as the Meatpacking District.  Mary and my husband love to walk at the High Line or browse at the Chelsea Market so it was great to know that our hotel was just a few minutes away from these places.  The Maritime Hotel as the name implies, gives you this atmosphere of being inside a cruise ship.  The bell boys are also dressed in blue oxford shirts, which make them look cooler and more relaxed which enhances the resort vacation atmosphere.

Maritime Hotel at Chelsea | Chichi Mary Blog

The size of the hotel room was not that big but by New York standards, it is definitely decent.  We were also able to request for an extra bed for our dear Mary.  The mini-bar in the hotel room provides plenty of options and even things that you would urgently need during travel like umbrella. When I stepped into the bathroom, the set of toiletries was awesome.  The bathroom was not that big but it is tastefully done.  The rain shower and the scent of lavender and peppermint from CO Bigelow Apothecaries' bath supplies were just amazing to enjoy after a long day in NYC. Thanks to this hotel, I discovered the CO Bigelow online store and decided to purchase the same set of toiletries as soon as I got home.  The plush wardrobes and slippers made the pampering even more complete.

Standard Room | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary
The porthole window inside the hotel room.  Picture courtesy of Maritime Hotel.

Bathroom | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary
The bathroom of a standard room.  Photo courtesy of the Maritime Hotel.

CO Bigelow Apothecaries | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary Blog
The set of CO Bigelow toiletries that I brought home with me  ;)

So far, of all the NYC hotels that we've stayed in, this is where we've had the most peaceful sleep. The noise pollution is typically very bad in New York, especially Manhattan, even at night because of all the police and ambulance sirens. The Maritime Hotel addressed this by having your window overlook a private garden such that the outside noise doesn't really reach your room. Besides serving this important function, the porthole windows that you will consistently see in the hotel make you feel that you're in a cruise ship.

Patio | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary
Mary  and me after a good night sleep.  Mary in her easy breezy Jade Lela dress from Siaomimi.  Shoes by Cienta, a perfect pair of shoes when strolling  NYC parks.

Lastly, we enjoyed the patio so much.  It was a beautiful summer day and all of the guests were just relaxing in the patio enjoying the sun and enjoying the hotel's free continental breakfast.  For a business traveler like me, who travels with my family all the time, I greatly appreciate this because it gives us a holiday mood even for a short time.  I was planning to leave early that morning but I decided to relax for a little while and enjoy the moment with my family.  And for some winding down in the evening, there's also free wine & cheese at the patio, which unfortunately we didn't try as we had dinner plans.

Patio | Maritime Hotel | NYC | Chichi Mary
Patio of the hotel where guests usually have their breakfast. The feeling of having breakfast in this private garden is very relaxing. It allows you to feel that you're right in the middle of Manhattan while still being in a relaxed atmosphere.

Patio | Maritime Hotel | NYC | Chichi Mary

Breakfast | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary

Lounge | Maritime Hotel | Chichi Mary
The Lounge Area

So yes, the Maritime Hotel has made a mark on me, something to look forward to for our next NYC trip! Oh and I forgot to add -- a Mario Batali restaurant is being constructed right beside the hotel lobby, so even more things to look forward to  :)


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