Friday, September 4, 2015

Charm Couture Clothing

Charm is the newest brand at Chichi Mary!  We’re excited to showcase this New York based brand because of its exquisite design details and quality.  Charm proudly claims to have a fresh take on classic styles featuring a full range of coordinated boys, girls and baby collections. The colors, the styles and the fabrics tell a story of old-world charm with a modern, cool twist.

Charm FW15 Collection | Children's Clothing | Chichi Mary
Charm Fall/Winter 2015 Colllection

The first time I heard about Charm was when I received an invite from the brand to watch their Petite Parade fashion show in New York City.  At that time, I missed the show but I was able to meet their team during the trade show.  Its Fall/Winter 15 collection impressed me because of the design uniqueness, its classic cuts and the practicality to be worn at almost all occasions.  The collection is indeed classic and yet trendy to appeal to today’s market taste.  Much more, the fabric and prints are awesome! All of Charm's dresses featured at Chichi Mary are made of 100% cotton. 

Charm Paisley Tie Dress | Children's Clothing | Chichi Mary
Paisley Tue Dress

Princess Jumper Dress | Children's Clothing | Chichi Mary
Princess Jumper Dress
Charm Floral Crop Top & Skirt | Children's Clothing | Chichi Mary
Floral Crop Top and Skirt

With today’s children’s market, many of the brands are featuring mini versions of adult clothing which I don’t really prefer.  For me, the days when my daughter is still a child is short enough, and I don't really want to shorten it even further.  After many years when I browse old family photos, it would be great to see my daughter in a beautiful classy child’s outfit rather than seeing her dressed like an adult.  

It’s also very rare to find a brand that is very classic and yet modern.  It's even harder to have it come at reasonable prices.  In this sense, Charm has a really unique position in the children’s market.  I’m happy to add Charm to Chichi Mary's collection!  Very classy, very unique, definitely something that a Chichi Mary girl would wear ;)  


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