Friday, September 11, 2015

Dylan's Candy Bar

If you ask my daughter what her favorite city is, New York City is the automatic answer.  We’re not surprised because of the wealth of options she can do in NYC.   Given our frequent trips to the Big Apple for Chichi Mary, we've spent lots of time doing research to find interesting places for Mary so that she’ll always look forward to our NYC trips. Aside from her favorite museums (which I will also blog about in the future), she has her favorite go-to candy store where all of us can enjoy.  I always say -- everybody’s happy in this bar! Yes, all of us love Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. From thousands of possible candy choices to lots of cute lifestyle apparel & gift items, and even candy flavored alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we are on a sugar high whenever we visit this store.  It’s definitely worth a visit!

Dylan's Candy Bar | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Dylan's Candy Bar flagship store at the corner of 3rd and E 60th St. on the Upper East Side

I personally don’t have a sweet tooth but when I learned about the owner of this candy store, I immediately got interested in visiting.  Dylan’s Candy Bar is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan Lauren.  Her love for art & fashion has been translated into the fun & colorful world of candies. As soon as you walk down the store you’ll be immediately mesmerized by the fascinating merchandise.  No wonder, it is owned by someone who came from a family of retail royalty ;)  Interestingly, we usually see more adults than kids here each time we visit.

Dylan's Giant Lollipop Displays | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Yummy lollipop tree.
Dylan's Candy Bar Gift Items | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
A glimpse of all the candies and other gift items available at Dylan's Candy Bar.  I love their pillows especially the cupcake and donut designs.  Mary was able to get a plush cupcake keychain to add to her keychain collection.

Candies | Dylan's Candy Bar | Chichi Mary Blog

Cashier | Dylan's Candy Bar | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
The queue at the counter.  You can mostly see adults and tweens inside the store.
The flagship store on the Upper East Side has three floors. The top floor has a bar and café.  You can choose to take out ice-cream and other desserts or for a more relaxed option, you can opt for sit down service at the café, which is beautifully designed in candy colors. There are even cupcake booths where young and young-at-hearts love to hang-out. Whenever we come here, we usually have cocktails or mocktails because we go here after a full meal.  My all-time favorite is the Cotton Cloud Martini after a long day of work -- martini with cotton candy! :) But their mocktails are also good especially during the hot summer weather.  The candy-named drinks like the Chocoholic, the Purple Sparkler, Birthday Cake Shot or Creamsicle Float all sound so yummy that you’ll have a hard time choosing from the menu.  They also serve savory dishes and other desserts for those looking to have a regular meal.

Stairs at Dylan's Candy Bar | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Staircase  with candies embedded inside the glass steps.

Dylan's Candy Bar Cafe | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Giant ice creams cones hanging from the ceiling!!
Cupcake Booths | Dylan's Candy Bar | Chichi Mary Blog
Cupcake booths.  Photo courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar
Mocktails | Dylan's Candy Bar | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
Our mocktails during our recent visit, Sparklin' Lemonade with pink Pop rocks & red sour gummy bear stick, Purple Peach Tea Soda with Nerd's candies, and Pink Cloud Lemonade with purple cotton candy and pink lemonade Nerd's.  All of them were sooo good! 
Dylan's Candy Bar | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Mary and Me.  See, my daughter Mary couldn't resist pinching my cotton candy ;)  Mary is wearing a Siaomimi Jade Lela Dress.
The basement floor is also full of gift items, some of which you can personalize. My daughter loves her candy jar, which has her name on it.  She's lucky enough to have a common name, so pre-customized chocolate bars and candy jars are available in her name. The basement floor is where they also hold parties. I can imagine how fun it is. But for now, we simply love buying their signature lollipops and giving them as gifts to Mary’s friends before we head back to Massachusetts.    

Candiies | Dylan Candy Bar | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog

As I said earlier, everybody’s happy in this bar! There is something for the whole family here. A visit to Dylan’s Candy Store is definitely a treat not just for the taste buds but absolutely for the eyes too!



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