Friday, September 18, 2015

Imoga's Fall/Winter 2015

Imoga’s Fall/Winter 2015 is now live at Chichi Mary!  I always say that Imoga is for the city chic!  It’s not your typical little girl’s dress with ornate ruffles and laces. Instead, the brand consistently displays a high level of sophistication and elegance in its collection season by season through its sleek and posh designs.  What we love about Imoga?  Their designs are ultra flexible and suitable for lots of different occasions. Their exclusive prints and silhouettes provide easy to move in outfits that you won't think twice in letting your girls wear their Imoga pieces at the playground, school, dress up playdates and even during parties. The brand doesn’t fail to consider that they’re catering to the needs of active little fashionistas whose comfort is topmost priority. Imoga outfits are truly effortlessly chic!

Imoga Fall/Winter 2015 | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

The first time we saw Imoga’s FW15 collection was when we watched the Petite Parade Show last March in NYC.  Imoga received great reviews from the show and according to some bloggers, Imoga had the classiest collection at the 8th edition of the Petite Parade Show.  

A faux fur coat worn on top of the Skyler Tulle Dress shown at the Petite Parade Show in NYC last March.  Photo courtesy of Imoga.

Imoga Skyler Tulle Dress | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
The Skyler Charcoal Dress

The Leslie Dress worn with fur vest and satin gloves at the 8th edition of Petite Parade.  Photo courtesy of Imoga.
Imoga Leslie Dress | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
The Leslie Dress in feather print currently available at Chichi Mary.

Imoga Roz Dress | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
The Roz Dress is your easy dress for Fall.  It guarantees style & comfort for your little fashionista. 
The fur is so in this season that we decided to add Imoga's faux fur collar and fur bag to our accessory collection.   The fur collar is very practical because it not only adds style but it also adds a lot of functionality when it comes to warming up your little fashionista this fall season.  I think this is one accessory that  will be used for years to come , because it is adjustable and can be worn with her favorite Fall dress & even tee.  So instead of using a scarf, the fur collar is much more convenient and stylish to add to any Fall outfit!

Imoga Faux Fur Collar | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Faux Fur Collar by Imoga

Imoga Fall Winter Outfit | Fur Collar | Fur Bag | Chichi Mary Blog
Leslie Dress worn with fur collar and fur bag.  We love the pearls used as embellishments on the bag.  
Imoga Roz Dress | Blog | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
The Roz Dress worn with fur collar and fur bag.  The flower prints of the dress make it very appealing to little girls.

If you’re into twinning these days, I believe Imoga’s collection is perfect for that.  The brand’s selection of colors and fabric prints are very sophisticated so it’s not a challenge to pair it with mommy’s typical outfits. So if you're coveting an effortlessly chic outfit this season, don't miss to check out Imoga’s Fall Winter 2015 at Chichi Mary!



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