Friday, October 16, 2015

4 Tips on Choosing Accessories For Your Girls

I’m currently taking some fashion styling courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology and there are some important things that I have realized.  As what my brother (who is a photographer) told me before -- stylists play a very important role in fashion photography.  Although most of the time, they’re left unrecognized because usually all the credits go to the photographer. But without a good stylist the objective of producing a good fashion story may not be achieved.  And one of the most important elements in styling is accessories.

Choosing the right accessories like hair accessories help you achieve your desired image and style. Case in point, you can have the best dress but when paired with a wrong accessory you can totally ruin an entire look.  For those who simply love fashion just like most of our customers at Chichi Mary, it’s also important to level up your girl’s fashion style through appropriate headpieces.  That’s why I’m really excited to add couture headpieces from Republic of Pigtails at Chichi Mary!

Girls Hair Accessories | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

When I added Tartaleta to Chichi Mary, I knew then that I had to add another collection of headpieces.  Given the romantic styling of Spanish fashion, it really inspired me to offer unique headpieces that will complement our dresses at Chichi Mary.  In this way, it will be easier for our customers to complete their girl’s outfit in one shopping destination.  But first, here are some important tips when it comes to accessorizing your girl’s outfit:

1.      Don’t overdo it

I know it is our joy as moms to dress up our girls but I’ve seen some moms who got a little carried away when putting hair accessories on their girls.  We don’t want our girls to end up like Christmas trees.  If you’re looking for something classy and sleek, a dainty bow or headband can really finish an elegant look.  Remember, less is more!

Triple Bow Headband | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Dainty look with the Triple Bow Headband in seashell color matched with a soft teal Tartaleta dress.

2.       Try putting a contrast

For some people, they love a monochromatic look.  In my case, I always want to put a contrasting color when it comes to styling.  It automatically gives a fresh look.  Using a contrasting color when accessorizing can give more fun, layers, and textures.  Plus, our little girls always love colors!

Saffron Bernadette Headband | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary
This Imoga dress is my customers' favorite.  The contrasting color of the necklace and the Saffron Sparkle Headband gives a fresher and fun look.  

Sapphire Bernadette Headband | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary
A sapphire tone headband can also be used instead of the mustard yellow color.  It perfectly complements that overall tone of the dress.

3.      When in doubt, take it off!

This applies not only to headpieces but also for other accessories that we would like to wear.  When you feel that you’re not comfortable enough or sure enough if an additional accessory will do its work, it’s better to take it off.  After all, the clean and classy look is always a winner! If you're doubtful about the color, neutral colors like gray, beige, and black are always safe.

Vintage Inspired Headband | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary
A vintage inspired headband in black.  Black is a safe color.  In this case, the headband gives additional texture since Mary has a black hair.

4.      Don’t forget comfort

Last but not the least, at the end of the day we want to make sure that our girls are comfortable with their accessories especially when it comes to their headpieces.  Some headbands might be heavy or painful when worn for a long time so it’s also important to ensure that these pieces are light enough that our girls will always be in joy when wearing their favorite headpieces!

Red Kayt Headband | Republic of Pigtails | Chichi Mary Boutique
This very lightweight headband is inspired by the string of Cat's Cradle.  It's definitely fun and so far, Mary's favorite piece from the collection.  We paired it with her Imoga Juliet Sash dress and it perfectly complements the red floral sash and hem ruffles of the dress.

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is also the time for taking our favorite holiday family photos, I hope you’ll always consider remembering our four simple tips because proper accessorizing is essential when it comes to fashion styling!


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