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Girl's Fall Fashion Must Haves - 2015

Fall/Winter seasons are the busiest seasons I must say.  Aside from the fact that kids are back to school, there are a lot of holiday celebrations to look forward to.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to name a few --  and for busy, practical and stylish parents it’s great to have some sort of checklist.  Of course, one given is to have a good quality coat that is durable and will last for a longer period of time. I also list the other wardrobe essentials for our little ladies that will have them all set for this busy season:

Petit Lem | Girl's Fall Dress | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Enjoying fall foliage in her Petit Lem dress.

1.  Combat Boots

Sneakers may not be the first choice of shoes when the weather starts to chill.  As much as my daughter wants to wear her Cienta shoes, we now persuade her to use her combat boots.  Not only can these boots be used for everyday wear but I have also seen these shoes being extensively worn on the kids fashion runway. And even during the 8th edition of Petite Parade in NYC, I have seen Biscotti matched combat boots with their party dresses.  Depending on your girl's style of course, it automatically gives an edgier look. Our favorite brand is Doc Martens.

Biscotti & Kate Mack | Girl's Fall Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Biscotti's Finale at the 8th edition of Petite Parade.

Biscotti | Girl's Holiday Dress | Special Occasion Dress | Chichi Mary
Biscotti's Blue Cinderella Dress

Imoga | Girl's Fall Dresses | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
One of Imoga's signature look - jersey dresses paired with combat boots.

2.  Party Dress

To have at least one party dress for each season is a must-have.  A party dress doesn't necessarily mean metallic or sequined pieces.  Be it classic, romantic, chic or glamorous, it's great to have something that is flexible enough to be worn in multiple occasions especially during this holiday season. I'm not a fan of the holiday themed dresses, so I always look for something that can be worn even after the holidays. 

Biscotti Lace Dress | Girl's Holiday Dress | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
A great example of a holiday dress that can be worn all year long.  The color, silhoutte, and fabric of Biscotti Luminous Twirl Dress allows your girl to use it from the holiday season to spring/summer's special occasions.

And for those who are looking for a more casual chic look, these other dresses can be worn even for school, birthday parties and other kids fun activities.

3.  Tutu Dress

Because Halloween is also part of the Fall/Winter collection, it’s also a tradition for us parents to look for a Halloween costume.  Some may prefer the spookiest and wackiest costume for Halloween but for most girls, they love simply wearing a tutu dress.  With just the addition of some face paint, hair accessories, and even some sparkles on the face you can come up with so many costume ideas. What's so great is that they can simply wear this tutu dress during play dates, recitals, and even during those days that they simply want to feel like a ballerina or a princess.  

Siaomimi Play Tutu Dress | Girl's Halloween | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Mary in her Siaomimi Ballerina Dress accompanied me to the recent kids show in London.  She just wanted to wear this tutu dress that day.
After the show, we relaxed a little and enjoyed what London had to offer.  Here, Mary was admiring the beautiful gardens in Hyde Park very near Buckingham Palace

4.  Cold Weather Accessories

Be it scarf and gloves, these accessories are all essential to keep us more comfortable during the harsh weather.  But trying to be comfortable and stylish is a challenge we can now overcome these days for kids fashion.  A great example of a cold accessory for your girls is the fur collar that is detachable and can be worn with almost all dresses because of its natural color.  If you want to spoil your girl a little more, a fur bag is a great way to carry her beloved keepsakes with her.  

Imoga Fur Collar | Girl's Fall Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Imoga Fur Bag | Girl's Fall Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

For a more formal look, a shrug is also great to be layered with your girl's holiday dresses. 

5.  Flat Shoes

Because there are so many holiday parties to attend this season, having metallic ballet flats and Mary Jane shoes are a must pairing with your girl's favorite fall dress to create a dressier look.  These shoes can be worn even after the holidays.  For example, Mary Jane velvet shoes are very luxurious because of its rich texture.  But what we really love about velvet shoes is that it can be worn from special occasions to every day use.  These types of shoes are good all year long!

Imoga | Petite Parade | Girl's Fall Fashion 2015 | Chichi Mary
Imoga's Fall/Winter 15 Petite Parade Fashion Show where all their models were wearing Mary Jane shoes.

6.  Good Quality Tights

This season, our little girls are wearing tights almost everyday.  Although tights are widely available in almost all department stores, finding good quality tights is not easy.  Before I started my online kid's boutique -- Chichi Mary, I looked high and low for tights that would play nice with my daughter's skin.  I wasn't always successful, even when looking at high-end department stores. So needless to say, finding good tights was one of my goals for Chichi Mary. In our case, we would prefer something that is cotton rich to ensure comfort all day long especially when they’re in school.  On top of that, it is important that these tights are durable enough to withstand multiple washes.

I'm a fan of Scandinavian kids fashion styling and they love using colorful tights to complement a beautiful colorful dress.  This is one of Mary's favorite looks when going to school or going to a museum.

Me Too | Denmark | Girl's Fall Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
One of my all time favorite lifestyle photos from Me Too.

These are just a few must haves for the Fall/Winter season and for me, it's always better to invest in a few quality pieces that can be worn in multiple occasions and yet guarantees comfort and style!


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