Friday, October 2, 2015

Showstopper Holiday Dresses Straight From The Runway

As we’re getting closer to the holiday season, the search for metallic outfits is inevitable.  There’s something about the holiday season that inspires most of us to have that glam look.  Our little girls are no exception.  Girls’ special occasion dresses are mostly beautiful tulle dresses or brocade dresses.   We have seen these designs over and over again and I have seen little girls who have never been tired of wearing their favorite tulle dresses.  From department stores to specialty boutiques, all these tulle dresses are being offered. But why settle for something common and ordinary?  If you have special event to attend this holiday season or you simply want your girl’s holiday dress to be a showstopper, I highly recommend Chichi Mary's latest sequined and lace dresses from Biscotti.  This latest collection is straight from the runway of Petite Parade in New York City.

Biscotti Fall Winter 15 | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Biscotti Fall/Winter 15 on the runway of Petite Parade in New York City.  These magical pieces are now available at Chichi Mary.

Biscotti has always been known for their party dresses.  The brand even became popular when Malia Obama wore a Biscotti red taffeta dress during President Obama’s election night.  The brand’s success is not only here in the U.S..  Biscotti also has a strong international following.  I can attest to this because I have been to the biggest tradeshows in Europe and their booth was always busy ;) 

Biscotti Red Taffeta Gown via NYDailyNews | Chichi Mary Blog
Malia Obama in her red taffeta dress during President Obama's election night.  Picture via

Why people love Biscotti?  Its luxe, fun & whimsical designs melt the hearts of both moms and their girls.  The use of good fabrics like tulle, taffeta and lace is not uncommon for this brand.  Their dresses might be properly considered as the modern day princess outfits.  As I mentioned earlier, the brand has a global appeal and even our own Mary has a personal bias for this brand.  Mary first got her Kate Mack dress when she was 3.  Kate Mack is another label of Biscotti that offers a more casual & sporty look but still offers the sweet and romantic style.  The fabric construction of Kate Mack dresses are mostly knitted.  Mary’s first Kate Mack dress is still intact until now and with no sign of loose embellishments and pilling.  She can still wear it because the material stretches.  Admittedly, the dress got shorter for her but it definitely still looks good.  She has worn her Kate Mack dress during our special family celebrations like my birthday, Father’s Day, baptismal parties, and other special events. This is where my personal preference comes in that I would always choose quality over quantity.  Mary can pass on her beautiful Kate Mack dress to family and her little cousins are excitedly waiting for it :)

Kate Mack Tulle Dress | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Mary in her Kate Mack Tulle Dress.  Photo taken more than two years ago.

Last March during the 8th edition of Petite Parade, we first saw Biscotti and Kate Mack's Fall/Winter 15 collection.  I knew then that I have to get Chichi Mary’s special occasion dresses from Biscotti.  Everyone was delighted at their collection.  I could hear all the positive comments from fashion journalists who attended the show. Here are some of the beautiful photos of Biscotti's special occasion dresses for Fall/Winter 15 that are available at Chichi Mary and I hope you will enjoy browsing it as much as we had fun watching the collection on the runway.

Biscotti Champagne Asymmetrical Hem Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
Champagne Asymmetrical Dress paired with Chichi Mary's Purple Maryjane Velvet Shoes and Faux Fur Shrug.  You know when your girl loves her dress because her smile is priceless!

Pink Sleeveless Embroidered Tulle Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
The beautiful embroidery on the bodice with matte sequins on the champagne asymmetrical dress.  For me, matte sequins are more elegant looking and absolutely not ordinary.  

Biscotti Gold Luminous Lace Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
The Twirl Lace Dress provides a very dainty look.  The dress is paired with Chichi Mary's Brown Mary Jane Velvet Shoes.

Biscotti Gold Luminous Lace Dress | Petite Parade |Chichi Mary Blog
This dress was a showstopper during the last Petite Parade Show in March.  We love how the chiffon fringe skirt adds grace to the girl's movement.

Metallic Lace Dress | Special Occasion Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
The metallic lace details on the twirl dress.

Biscotti Filigree Flutter Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
A sweeter version of how the Cinderella Dress can be worn.  Paired with typical metallic ballet flats.

Blue Sleeveless Embroidered Tulle Dress | Chichi  Mary Blog
Matte silver sequin floral embroidery on the Cinderella dress.  The petal shaped flutter tulle skirt adds layers and fun to the whole look.
You definitely can't make a mistake choosing among these dresses.  I've loved how they've looked ever since I saw them on the runway up to when I'm holding them in my hands and shooting photographs in our studio. I guarantee your little girl will feel extra special when she is wearing these dresses, and her smile will be priceless.


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