Friday, October 9, 2015

Spanish Kids Fashion At Its Best!

I’m a self-confessed fan of Spanish fashion from shoes to clothing!  And no, I’m not referring to fast fashion Spanish brands like Zara and Mango which most people are familiar with. Instead, I’m referring to designer/boutique brands of Spanish clothing & shoes. Through these designer brands, you notice that Spanish designs are very intricate, flamboyant and unique yet still come at reasonable prices compared to other global brands.

I think Spanish kids fashion has its own distinctive fashion style that you will immediately recognize from Spanish brands. Spanish kids fashion is all about voluminous silhouettes and flamboyant designs.  That’s why when we went to Madrid last year to attend the kids fashion week, I went in targeting to really work with Spanish brand owners.  Admittedly, the language barrier made it more difficult but eventually (with lots of help from Google Translate), I was able to find fabulous Spanish brand owners.  This year we added Oca-Loca and Mary Jane Velvet  Shoes to our shoe collection  and now, we’re adding one of the famous Spanish children’s wear brand from Spain --Tartaleta.  A brand that perfectly suits a Chichi Mary girl!

artaleta Fall Winter 2015 | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary

Tartaleta was born in Madrid in 1988 and all the collections are designed by Elena Ferraz, who I was able to personally meet during the show.  Tartaleta is a great representation of Spanish kids fashion.  The designs are very rich, decorative and full of textures.  There is always a contrasting decorative element in almost all the dresses to make a piece of clothing more visually appealing.  On top of this, the volume of the silhouettes is obviously seen in this collection, which is one of the greatest feature of designer children’s wear.  Tartaleta's collection is truly romantic!  I'm always in awe watching their collection on the runway whether live or online.

Party Sash Dress | Tartaleta | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
A romantic representation of the collection.  The Camel Sash Dress is the main dress for Tartaleta's Fall/Winter 15 collection.

Tartaleta | FIMI | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

I was amazed to see Tartaleta’s collection on the runway but doing our own photo shoots of the collection really gave me some time to look at the finest details of each dress that we feature at Chichi Mary. For Tartaleta’s FW15 collection, I cannot say enough about how much detail is in each piece. The banded lace, velvet bows, decorative ric rac ribbons, and ruffles that can be seen in almost all the dresses are just amazing.  Chichi Mary’s collection of Tartaleta’s Fall/Winter 15 are definitely couture dresses for your little girls.  Borrowing my husband’s comment when he saw all the dresses -- “These dresses are for modern princesses” :) No wonder when I met the team of Tartaleta in London, they told me that London is one of their biggest markets.  In London, girls dresses are taken very seriously, particularly with high tea attires in mind. 

Chambray Dress | Tartaleta | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
Chambray Dress on the runway.  It's very sleek & classic. 
Knit Floral Dress | Tartaleta | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
The Knit Floral Dress on the runway.  Every girl I know love this fit & flare dress.

Of course, our own Mary is not an exception. When she personally loves the dress that we're shooting, she's in the mood to do beautiful poses and she doesn't hurry us to finish soon.  She definitely felt like a princess when she wore this Cake Dress by Tartaleta.  I personally added this dress to our collection because this particular dress is a great representation of Spanish design.  The elements of a typical Spanish girl's dress are all present in this dress - the banded lace on the bodice, the bias skirt, and the ruffles on the neckline, cuffs, and hem.  The details are very impressive and yet the entire look is still very clean and classy.  Her dad was ecstatic too!  The Cake Dress is definitely stunning!

Mary in her soft teal Cake Dress.

Mary having fun at her photoshoot, enjoying her new princess-y dress.  More couture headpieces like the one Mary is wearing will be available at Chichi Mary soon.

All the dresses match perfectly with Mary Jane Velvet shoes and can be accessorized with couture headpieces, which will be soon available at Chichi Mary.  If you’re searching for something classic, romantic, and definitely unique, a Tartaleta dress is a must addition to your girl’s closet because these pieces are definitely chichi! ;)



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