Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Reasons To Be Thankful

Eight years ago, I didn’t know the significance of Thanksgiving Day. I knew that it’s a special holiday in the U.S. but I didn’t really appreciate its significance. This is because I originally came from the Philippines where we do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Filipinos start looking forward to Christmas and the New Year's starting September -- what we call the "-ber" months -- so celebrating Thanksgiving wasn't something I was used to. But after almost a decade living in the U.S., I’m starting to catch on and get excited whenever Thanksgiving Day is getting closer.  Much more, I appreciate the symbolism of Thanksgiving Day and that regardless of religion, each family gathers and enjoys this special holiday to give thanks for each and everyone of our blessings.

Thanksgiving Quote | Chichi Mary Online Kid's Boutique

Similar with other families, it has been a tradition in our small family to state what we are thankful for during this day.  Although we express gratitude every day, the spirit of Thanksgiving makes it more meaningful and memorable to say our gratitude.  In some years, we even recorded what we were thankful for on videos.  

This year, I’m very thankful that we were able to successfully launch Chichi Mary in the U.S.  It was nerve wracking for me at first to move our operations from the Philippines to the States.  I knew that it meant more work for me and it was really moving out of my comfort zone.  But then after almost six months of serving the U.S. market, we’ve grown our reach, found suitable and hardworking partners, and gained new loyal customers.

Siaomimi Children's Wear | Chichi Mary Online Kid's Boutique
May 18, 2015 when we launched Chichi Mary in the U.S.  Mary in her Siaomimi Dress and Oca-Loca Sandals.

I’m very thankful for our customers both here in the U.S. and the Philippines.  Our loyal customers in the Philippines continuously support us.  I was nervous that I would lose our first batch of customers in the Philippines because of the move but then, I’m very grateful that they love Chichi Mary enough that the greater distance is not a barrier, and it's always our pleasure to send chic girl's clothing to their doorsteps.

I’m thankful for brand owners/suppliers of our online kid’s boutique for trusting us and letting us showcase their beautiful collection of boutique girl’s clothing season by season especially those brand owners who are based thousands of miles away from the U.S. Their cheers and their positive feedback whenever we do a great campaign are much appreciated. 

FIMI | Madrid | Chichi Mary Online Kid's Boutique
Kids Fashion Week in Madrid.  One of the biggest kids fashion market we've seen.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my loving and supportive family!  Chichi Mary has literally been part of our every day life and I'm very thankful that our enthusiasm to successfully run the business never wanes. I consider the effort and dedication of each one of us to support our family business a great blessing!  

Family | Chichi Mary Blog
Family picture taken at Park Guell during our Barcelona trip.

My little girl’s laughter and giggles always make my day even during the most challenging days of running a business. As much as we can, we capture our beautiful memories and share it on social media.  And so, I'm very thankful for our followers and readers!

Chambray Dress | Tartaleta | European Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary

Sash Dress | Tartaleta | European Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary

To sum it all, this year I’m very thankful for the gift of experience!  I'm counting both good and even the not so good experiences because from these, I learned how to cope, to accept and to look forward to more beautiful things in the future!  From our family to yours, I hope you had a memorable celebration of Thanksgiving!



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