Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chichi Mary & Kango Express!

For the longest time, I have been searching for a forwarder that can help Chichi Mary to ship customer orders to Philippine mailing addresses as well as to other Asian countries at a lower cost.  Chichi Mary started in the Philippines almost three years ago and it is only last May of 2015 that we decided to transfer our base operations to the U.S. to cater to a bigger market.  Because of this, we still have loyal customers in the Philippines.  We tried to use couriers before but not all customers are happy with the cost.  Of course, courier service is faster because orders are delivered within 2-4 business days from our fulfillment center but some customers from other countries are also willing to wait a little just to lessen the shipping cost.  While searching, I have found Kango Express and I’m impressed with their service and shipping rates.  Fast forwarding to today, Chichi Mary is now a retail partner of Kango Express.

Kango Express | Chichi Mary Online Kid's Boutique

Kango Express offers consolidation service to the Philippines and Azerbaijan, which makes the cost more reasonable and affordable.  It is super affordable that shipping to the Philippines can be as low as $15 and $7.5 to Azerbaijan.  For example for Philippine shipments, all shipments received before 6 a.m. on a Friday are consolidated at Kango Express warehouse in Minnesota and shipped to the Philippines via air.  Shipments will typically arrive in Manila on a Tuesday/Wednesday the latest, and ready for delivery to a Manila address on a Thursday/Friday.  For addresses outside Metro Manila, add 1-2 days for final delivery.  It’s almost just a week from the Kango Express warehouse to a Manila shipping address. For Azerbaijan, it’s even better because Kango Express has two shipments departing from the U.S. every week.

We’re very excited for our customers to use this new service and we’re also excited to gain new customers from Azerbaijan and eventually Saudi Arabia. Kango Express will continuously add consolidation service programs for other countries and we can’t wait to be a part of it!  Meanwhile, if the consolidation service is not yet available to a specific country, we still find the direct service cost of Kango Express to be more attractive to other Asian countries and Australia/New Zealand.

The great thing about shopping at Chichi Mary is that we’re very hands-on when it comes to customer service and we see to it that our collection of girl’s boutique clothing has a global appeal because this is what Chichi Mary is all about.  Rest assured that wherever our customers are, it is always our goal to provide piece of mind when it comes to their online shopping.

Global Kids Fashion | Girls Boutique Clothing | Chichi Mary
Chichi Mary's Tagline -- Bringing Global Kids Fashion To Your Fingertips

To have a more graphic representation of the process, here’s Kango Express introduction video:

And here’s the direct link for all our customers where they can learn more about the process:

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