Friday, January 8, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

With the first week of January almost gone, stores will soon start showing off the latest Spring/Summer collection for 2016.  Fashion buyers like me have seen SS16 collections as early as July last year and the more entertaining showcase of course, was seen on the runway of Petite Parade during NYC Kids Fashion Week last October.  Here are the latest fashion trends that you can expect for the coming months:

Petite Parade | October 2015 | Chichi Mary Blog
Mary with fashion photographer Richard Renda and another mini-fashionista during the Petite Parade Fashion Week last October 2015.

1.       Colors

Soft colors might be the most prevalent colors for Spring/Summer 2016 as Pantone announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as its colors of the year.  But here is the complete set of color palette for SS16.

Pantone Color Palette | SS16 | Chichi Mary Blog
Pantone's Spring/Summer 2016 Color Palette

Pantone Color of the Year | 2016 | Chichi Mary Blog
Pantone Color of The Year, Serenity and Rose Quartz

Most parents love soft colors for their kids.  I personally love these colors because it makes them young and fresh and it is applicable on adults too.  But always remember; when you choose the color of your clothing always make sure that it suits your complexion.  The exact color of the season might not suit you but experimenting with slightly different intensities of that color may turn out great.

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!" - Coco Chanel

2.       Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been widely worn by celebrity tots for the past seasons.  Be it real or faux, leather jackets provide a stylish layering and do not fail to create a city chic look. This is not wearable during the heat of the summer season of course, but leather jackets can be worn during early Spring. In addition to this, fringe is also on trend and is used as a decorative element on bags, shoes, and clothing like leather jackets this season.

Leather Jackets  | Laer | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary Blog
Laer models during the Petite Parade October 2015 show.

Mom and daughter duo of the blog - Scout The City at Petite Parade as Laer models.  Take note of the showstopper fringe on the mom's leather jacket.

Our very own Mary layered her Kate Mack dress with a soft pink faux leather jacket & Imoga fur collar.

3.       Ruffle / flutter sleeves

Who doesn’t love ruffles for their little girls?  I love it because it creates a romantic look.  But these days, designers are able to incorporate ruffle sleeves to create a city chic look, a modern version perhaps. I love simple shift dresses with ruffle sleeves.  It’s fun & sweet!

Flutter Sleeves | Marin + Morgan | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary
Marin + Morgan SS16 romper with flutter sleeves.

Shift Dress | Marin + Morgan | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary
Marin + Morgan SS16 shift dress with flutter sleeves in colorful ice-cream print.

4.        Embroidery

Embroidery is big this season.  Commonly seen on the neckline of the dresses, good embroidery adds more texture to the outfit and it eliminates the need for a statement necklace.  Although it may cause a bump on the retail price, I say having at least one is sweet!

Siaomimi Pink Embroidered Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
From our last Spring/Summer collection, embroidered dress from Siaomimi.  A trend that will be big until SS16.

Siaomimi| Embroidered Dress | Chichi Mary An Online Kid's Boutique
Embroidery can be seen even on the sleeves of the dress.

5.       Dramatic back

Spring/summer dresses this season have dramatic backs. I have seen the open back dress from many brands.  It gives a more sophisticated look to the little ladies.  With gorgeous fabric prints and the right silhouette, this design element will definitely be loved this spring/summer.

Open Back Romper | Marin + Morgan | Chichi Mary Blog
The dramatic back of Marin + Morgan romper from its SS16 collection.

Open Back Girl's Formal Dress | Olvi's| Chichi Mary Blog
The open back formal dress from Olvi's SS16 collection.

6.       Butterfly and fruit prints

Fabric prints are usually butterflies or fruit prints.  Butterfly prints are just gorgeous prints for the mini fashionistas.  It has been seen not just in kids fashion but in women's fashion as well.

Butterfly print dress from Diane Von Furstenberg SS16.  Photo courtesy of

Gorgeous floral & butterfly print from Alice + Olivia SS16. I love the fringes on the skirt too! Photo courtesy of

But to make it more fun, food inspired prints like colorful popsicle, cupcakes, and fruits are also used this season.  Wearing colorful prints in their favorite desserts will definitely give a certain nostalgia to our little wearer.  From clothing to accessories, these butterfly and fruit prints will be widely seen in stores.

A beautiful ice-cream printed pegged pants from Marin + Morgan SS16 collection.

These are the major trends in fashion for Spring/Summer 2016.  It is definitely something to look forward to, while we’re still beating the cold weather for the next couple of months.  Rest assured that Chichi Mary's SS16 collection will depict the latest trends.  We always love to curate girl's boutique clothing that have a fresh take on classic silhouettes. But one thing to always remember -- a trend may not always suit you so make sure it fits your style, personality and lifestyle. 



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