Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of my daughter’s favorite special days.  She’s always delighted to give and receive Valentine cards from families, friends, and classmates.  I used to get really excited for Valentine’s Day when I was living in the Philippines but given the arctic weather in February here in New England, it’s a bit of an effort for us to go out, brave the cold weather and enjoy a fancy dinner.  But as my daughter says, Valentine’s Day is a day of showing love, kindness and friendship.  Perhaps, it’s a better way of looking at this special day.

And because it's Valentine's Day, I think about romantic dressing and I couldn't think of any other brands from our online girl’s boutique, Chichi Mary, that embodies romanticism more than Tartaleta.  It is a brand that is an epitome of Spanish kids fashion.  Every little girl is especially pleased with a Tartaleta dress.  Here are some of the cutest and sweetest pictures from the runway show in Madrid.

Tartaleta | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Tartaleta | Girl's Boutique Clothing | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique

Tartaleta | European Girl's Clothing | Chichi Mary Boutique

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!  May this day be an extra special day to show love and affection to our families and friends.



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