Friday, February 19, 2016

Mom and Daughter Twinning

These days I’ve seen so many moms and daughters sharing the same style of clothing.  This is commonly referred to as twinning.  The joy of having a daughter also feeds our fantasy of having a mini-me and it’s undeniably true that dressing up our little girls brings so much joy to us moms.  Aside from my love for fashion since I was 3, my love for kids fashion started when I had a daughter, who is extra delighted whenever I put a good dress on her. And so this has been the inspiration behind our girl's boutique, Chichi Mary

In these days when twinning has become more obvious and prevalent because of the popularity of social media, when do you say it’s just too much?  On this blog post, I talk about some of the tips on how to make twinning more effortlessly chic.

1.      It doesn’t need to be matchy matchy.

For me twinning doesn’t need to be matchy matchy.  You can have the same fashion style, stick with the same color or theme but it's not necessary to have the exact piece of clothing.  In fact, it’s more adorable & fashionable to just create a certain theme.  This particularly applies to my daughter and I as we have different skin complexions, and the best color for me might not be the best color for her.

One of my favorites when it comes to twinning is Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber. It is always effortlessly done, very natural, and yet their choice of outfits always brings out the best of both personalities.

Cindy Crawford & Daughter | Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog

 Cindy Crawford & Kaia| Mom & Daughter Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog

2.     You can stick with just one color.

Color can also be a great foundation for twinning. It is more flexible especially if you and your daughter have different fashion styles.  If you’re more on the sporty side and your daughter is into the tutu phase, you can choose a color that you both love and use it as an inspiration for your twinning.  A great example is this picture of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise.  Katie wears a pink button down shirt and denim while her daughter Suri wears a cute pink dress.

Katie Holmes & Suri | Mom & Daughter Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog

Katie Holmes & Suri | Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog
Another good example of twinning, which is based on the same color theme.  Katie wears a gingham black & white button down shirt and white skirt while her daughter wears a black & white striped knit top and white skirt.

3.     You can use the same style of layering.

You don't need to use the same color or similar prints especially if you’re not comfortable doing so. Another great option is to just use a similar style of layering. This is practical especially if you’re traveling or on a holiday.  The picture below shows Jessica Alba and her daughter -- both definitely cute and so adorable!

Jessica Alba & Daughter  | Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog

4.     Consider using the same design element or fabric design.

For the city chic moms, they also love dressing up their girls that way.  One example is for you both to wear striped shirts, and leather jackets.  And if you’re more into romantic dressing, a floral print can also be a great basis for twinning.  I love how Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace, came up with their twinning outfits based on striped t-shirts and black skinny jeans and leggings.

Kate Moss & Lila Grace  | Twinning | Chichi Mary Blog

Whether you get inspired to do twinning these days, remember it is not necessary to dress up your mini-me with the same exact outfit.  Rather than dressing up like a dance group, it’s better to do twinning in a more fashionable way.   Be creative, be inspired, and always enjoy dressing up! 



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