Friday, February 5, 2016

Stella Cove Spring/Summer 2016

I have been working on Chichi Mary for almost three years now, and during that time I've had the pleasure of being exposed to lots and lots of beautiful girls' dresses and the fabulous brands and designers that create them.  But I have to confess that even from the very beginning, one my of favorite brands that we feature in our online kid’s boutique is Stella Cove.

This was even before I knew that this brand has been worn by celebrities all over the world like the Princess of Lichtenstein, Jennifer Garner’s daughter, Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason, and Soleil Moon Frye’s daughters to name a few.

I love Stella Cove not just because of its very clean and sleek designs but especially because I’m impressed with the beauty of its unique and colorful prints.  Every year, I’m delighted whenever I see Stella Cove’s new prints.  And this year, I’m even more excited because the brand just introduced a new silhouette -- a great spring/summer party dress. It is a classic silhouette but with gorgeous prints, giving it a unique and modern appeal that is not often seen in other kids brands.

Stella Cove | Orange & Pink Heart Dress | Chichi Mary Boutique
Stella Cove's Orange & Pink Heart Summer Party Dress with a new silhouette but with the lovely prints that has been Stella Cove's trademark.

Whenever I hunt for brands that I will feature at Chichi Mary, I’m very particular not only with the silhouettes and fabrics but most importantly with the colors. Colors can easily make or break a certain collection or brand. Each season whenever brands prepare for their collection, they choose a color template (a mixture of colors based on the season’s colors).  It’s really based on the taste of the brand if they use a chic combination of colors in their prints.

And this is what I love about Stella Cove! Not only do they use a great combination of colors but their prints are guaranteed to be long-lasting.  I can personally attest to this because Mary has been wearing her Stella Cove bubble dresses for more than three years now and the greatest compliment that I've gotten was when people asked if I always gave Mary a new set of bubble dresses. I would quickly say no, and that it has been the same Stella Cove dress that she's been wearing since she was 4 ;)  Because of the style of the bubble dress, Mary can literally wear her dresses for years.

Stella Cove | White Floral Bubble Dress | Chichi Mary Boutique
From last year's collection, we still love the bright floral prints of the Stella Cove bubble dress.

For Spring/Summer 2016 as mentioned in my previous blog post Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Trends, food prints like candies, popsicle, and fruits are widely used from accessories to clothing this season in kids fashion.  Stella Cove’s features pineapple, strawberry, hearts, paisley and of course, floral prints.  Chichi Mary also added a few styles of Stella Cove’s swimsuits this season and we’re very excited with this new addition because Stella Cove is known for its high end beachwear.

Stella Cove | White Strawberry Dress | Chichi Mary Boutique
Stella Cove Strawberry Dress
Stella Cove | Spring Summer Strawberry Party Dress | Chichi Mary
Mary personally loves the Strawberry Dress.  I realized how it gives joy to our girls to see bright beautiful prints of their favorite fruits in their clothing.  Headpiece by Republic of Pigtails.

Stella Cove | Spring Summer Party Heart Dress | Chichi Mary
We simply love the volume of the dress!  Shoes by Oca-Loca.  Headpiece by Republic of Pigtails.

One of little girls' favorite color combinations - Pink & Turquoise Paisley Dress!  Girls' Shoes by Oca-Loca.  Headpiece by Republic of Pigtails.
Stella Cove | Pineapple Dress | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Pineapple Dress -- golden pineapples in pink background

Stella Cove | One-Piece Floral Swimsuit | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
Bright floral one-piece swimsuit with flutter sleeves.  A classic style!

Stella Cove | One-Piece Paisley Swimsuit | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique
One-piece paisley swimsuit with zebra trimmings.

With great fabric (all dresses are made of 100% cotton & with UV 50+ protection), gorgeous prints, and classic silhouettes, Stella Cove is truly a Spring/Summer staple piece.  And I love to say that having more than one piece of Stella Cove is always sweeter!



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