Friday, March 4, 2016

Siaomimi Spring/Summer 2016

Siaomimi – if there’s one thing I’m sure about this brand, it absolutely has that designer’s touch that we look for in chic dresses. From exclusive prints to voluminous silhouettes, the brand never fails to impress its followers. Siaomimi is designed by Hilda Yim, a Parson’s graduate and a former designer of DKNY and Anna Sui.  Hilda decided to base its operations in Hong Kong but it has a strong following in the Europe and U.S.  And just like other brands we carry at our online girl’s boutique, Chichi Mary, only exclusive boutiques and high end department stores carry this brand. 

Siaomimi Summer Open Back Dress | Girls Boutique | Chichi Mary

From Spring to Fall, Siaomimi loves using floral prints. Compared to other children’s brands, Siaomimi exclusively designs its fabric. A good mix and match of different patterns and prints on a single piece of clothing always catches my attention because not all brands can successfully do that and I always believe that Siaomimi is one of the few that consistently do so. 

For Spring/Summer 2016, Siaomimi brings excitement by introducing a new style featuring dramatic open back dresses for little girls, which is one of the hottest trends in kids fashion this season.  On top of that, we love the lemon yellow and paprika colors used in its Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Siaomimi Lemon Yellow Floral Fit n' Flare Dress | Chichi Mary
Our little Mary having fun at the photoshoot wearing Siaomimi's Lemon Yellow Floral Fit n' Flare Dress.  Shoes by Oca-Loca.

Of course, Mary has her own fashion observations too about this collection.  And I know I have to listen to her thoughts because she’s a representative of my customers.  Aside from the romantic fit n’ flare dresses, she’s also delighted wearing the smocked dress.  The sky blue floral print, the ruffled straps, and easy breezy style of the dress made her super comfortable as it is easy for her to move in this dress.  I can imagine her wearing this dress multiple times in a week during the Spring/Summer months ;) 

Siaomimi Paprika Fit n' Flare Dress | Bird Print | Chichi Mary
A little bit more serious this time, with Siaomimi's Fit n' Flare Paprika Dress.  A summer dress with gorgeous paprika color and bird print.

Siaomimi Open Back Summer Dress | Girls Boutique | Chichi Mary
Siaomimi Paprika Dress also has a dramatic open back.

Siaomimi Smocked Summer Dress | Girls Boutique | Chichi Mary
Mary definitely enjoyed wearing Siaomimi's Blue Floral Smocked Dress during our photoshoots.

Lastly, Mary also loves layering the dress with a cardigan. The lace trim detail of the cardigan is very attractive especially to the little girls. The cardigan automatically gives a pop of color to the whole outfit making it even more interesting. Cardigans are a must have during Spring/Summer because in some places like here in New England, the cool air still bites even during summer nights.

Siaomimi Lace Trim Cardigan | Girls Boutique | Chichi Mary
Layering with the Lavender Lace Trim Cardigan.

Siaomimi’s  fresh and exciting designs for Spring/Summer 2016 are something to look forward to.  Aside from its beautiful designs, all clothing are made of 100% cotton, which is definitely ideal for our kids to wear especially during the warmer months.  May your Spring/Summer be as bright and colorful as Siaomimi’s SS16 collection!



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