Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Chichi Mary's 3rd Birthday!!

Time flies so fast!  Chichi Mary celebrated it's 3rd birthday yesterday, April 26!  The past three years have been full of fun, challenging, and exciting moments.  It was definitely a roller coaster ride.  Along with the growth of Chichi Mary is also the growth of our dear Mary, who occasionally models for our online girl’s boutique and who was especially excited to do the birthday photo shoot.  But most of all, we are so grateful that we’ve seen our store grew year after year.  Thanks to our loyal customers!!

3rd Birthday | Chichi Mary | Online Girl's Boutique

As a birthday treat, we’re running a promotion for three days only!  We’re giving a 20% discount on your entire order from April 26-28 (EST).  Just simply using coupon code 3RDBDAY upon checkout.  It’s a great opportunity to have the latest Spring/Summer collection of Chichi Mary at a discounted price just in time for the Spring/Summer Season. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Tips For Fun, Safe, and Secured Online Shopping

My husband and I are self-confessed online shoppers. Over the years, we have really appreciated how much time-saving and fun online shopping is. Just like most people in North America and Europe, online shopping has been preferred by consumers year after year.  

On the other hand, there are still so many people who are still reluctant to do it especially those who are living outside North America and Europe. Admittedly, I understand the reluctance, as online shopping does have its risks. That’s why, in order to maximize the benefits of online shopping, it’s important to remember some of these important  tips to make your online shopping more enjoyable, satisfying, secured, and safe:

Tips | Secured Online Shopping | Chichi Mary Blog

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Joys of Online Shopping!

I love receiving packages in the mail. That moment of time after you ordered something online and have the package arrive feels like the excitement of Christmas morning.  I've found that this has replaced the moment of instant gratification when you purchase something at a brick and mortar store.

It seems funny now, but looking back, I didn’t have an instant love for online shopping. I originally came from the Philippines where online shopping didn’t exist before I left for the US a decade or so ago.  A few days after I settled here in the US, my husband and I had to purchase a laptop I needed for graduate school. He just immediately started browsing online, gave me different options and told me that once I make my decision, we could already finalize the purchase. I was hesitant at first. A few questions popped up…Is it secure? Is it safe? How can I guarantee that they will deliver it on time? With some trepidation, I went through the purchase. A few days after, my order finally arrived and I got so excited.

Online Shopping | Girl's Boutique Clothing | Chichi Mary

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kids on the Runway -- Petite Parade March 2016

Petite Parade has always been something to look forward to every season for those who are in the kids fashion industry.  This is an event where designers of children’s wear showcase their collections for the next season. For the March show, it's the Fall/Winter collections being shown off. As a buyer of our online girl’s boutique – Chichi Mary, the show gives me the opportunity to see the latest trends in the market.  It's also a great venue to observe the latest street style in kids fashion through its mini-fashionista guests.

Petite Parade is a by-invitation only event where buyers, press, and designers flock together to watch exciting and whimsical kids fashion shows.  Indeed, a fashion show is always a good entertainment for fashion lovers!

Invite | Petite Parade March 2016 | Kids Fashion Week | Chichi Mary

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tartaleta Spring/Summer 2016

If there’s one brand that I’m always at a loss for words to describe its collection, it’s TartaletaTartaleta is a Spanish brand based in Madrid featuring beautifully designed dresses for girls.  The brand is recognized for its gorgeous silhouettes, fabulous fabrics, and intricate details like ruffles and lace trimmings.  Truly, there are just so many fashion design elements present on a single piece of clothing.

Tartaleta | FIMI Madrid | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
Tartaleta Spring/Summer 2016 Collection presented at Madrid Kid's Fashion Week.