Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kids on the Runway -- Petite Parade March 2016

Petite Parade has always been something to look forward to every season for those who are in the kids fashion industry.  This is an event where designers of children’s wear showcase their collections for the next season. For the March show, it's the Fall/Winter collections being shown off. As a buyer of our online girl’s boutique – Chichi Mary, the show gives me the opportunity to see the latest trends in the market.  It's also a great venue to observe the latest street style in kids fashion through its mini-fashionista guests.

Petite Parade is a by-invitation only event where buyers, press, and designers flock together to watch exciting and whimsical kids fashion shows.  Indeed, a fashion show is always a good entertainment for fashion lovers!

Invite | Petite Parade March 2016 | Kids Fashion Week | Chichi Mary

When I received the invitation from Petite Parade, I made it a point to watch the Baby CZ, Sen-35, Little Creative Factory, and of course, Imoga shows. I’m always interested to look for other brands to add at Chichi Mary but at the same time I'm especially excited to see Imoga’s collection on the runway.  So here, I’m sharing some of my favorite pictures that we took from the shows. Whether you’re looking for something to inspire you while planning for your girl’s outfit next season or you simply want to know the upcoming trends, I think these pictures will definitely fulfill those wants.

Baby CZ

Baby CZ, designed by Carolina Zapf, is a luxury brand that features classic and timeless designs. I personally love how these classic designs were created to have a modern appeal by pairing most of the pieces with colorful tights or in season color trimmings. This is something I always love when it comes to kids styling, and to me this looks to be as beautiful on the streets as they are on the runway. Moms take note!  :)

Tweed Dress | Baby Cz | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary Blog

Star & Moon Print Blouse | Baby CZ | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary

Baby CZ Fall/Winter 2016 Collection | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary


Sen-35 debuted its collection at the Petite Parade March Show. Its collection is definitely timeless, uncomplicated, practical and yet, charming.

Blue Polka Dot Dress | Sen 35 | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary

Sen 35 | Girl's Fall Outfit | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary Blog

Sen 35 | Fall Winter 2016 Collection | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary

Little Creative Factory

Little Creative Factory is a brand based in Barcelona that showcased a minimalist fashion collection. This is actually the opposite of a lot of Spanish kids fashion brands where intricate details are highlighted, Little Creative Factory featured architectural fashion details and an uncomplicated fashion approach. The brand believes in "slow manufacture" and that less is more, and that is something I can appreciate.

Little Creative Factory | Girl's Fall Outfit | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary

Jumper Dress | Little Creative Factory | Chichi Mary Blog

Little Creative Factory | Fall Winter 2016 Collection | Petite Parade


Last but definitely not the least is Imoga.  Imoga celebrated its 10th year anniversary at the Petite Parade March 2016 show.  As usual, Imoga has always been one of the favorites of the audience and has always been consistent in showing its bold and colorful collection with silhouettes in great proportions.  From dresses to faux fur coats to fashion accessories like faux fur collars and printed scarves, it is definitely an exciting season for Imoga!

Burgundy Coat & Fur Collar | Imoga | Petite Parade | Chichi Mary

Girls Faux Fur Dress | Imoga | FW16 | Chichi Mary Blog

Girls Tweed Dress | FW16 | Imoga | Chichi Mary Blog

Girls Fall Outfit | Imoga | Fall Winter 2016 | Chichi Mary Blog

Polka Dots | Fall Winter 2016 | Imoga | Chichi Mary Blog
Bold polka dot prints for Fall/Winter 2016.

Girls Fur Collar | Fall Winter 2016 | Imoga | Chichi Mary Blog
I love how the faux fur collar was repeatedly used throughout the show.  We started carrying this last year and proved that it is a practical and yet very stylish accessory to use during the cold months. My daughter Mary loved wearing it, and I loved seeing how she looked with it.

Girls Dresses with Printed Scarves | FW16 | Imoga | Chichi Mary
Imoga has been known for its necklace dresses but for the next season, it's fun to see the brand uses printed scarves with the dresses.

Girls Printed Dress | Imoga | Fall Winter 2016 | Chichi Mary Blog
I personally love this dress -- the print, color, and silhouette in particular

Fur Vest & Coat for Girls | Imoga | FW16 | Chichi Mary Blog
Colorful faux fur vest and coat for a glamorous look!

Hope you enjoyed browsing the pictures as much as we had fun watching the shows!  Of course, stay tuned because some of these wonderful pieces will be part of Chichi Mary's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.  As always, I can't wait until we have these available for you!


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