Friday, April 1, 2016

Tartaleta Spring/Summer 2016

If there’s one brand that I’m always at a loss for words to describe its collection, it’s TartaletaTartaleta is a Spanish brand based in Madrid featuring beautifully designed dresses for girls.  The brand is recognized for its gorgeous silhouettes, fabulous fabrics, and intricate details like ruffles and lace trimmings.  Truly, there are just so many fashion design elements present on a single piece of clothing.

Tartaleta | FIMI Madrid | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
Tartaleta Spring/Summer 2016 Collection presented at Madrid Kid's Fashion Week.

For their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Tartaleta features soft muted colors like pink, blue, and peach. The voluminous silhouettes, open back dress, and the tiered skirts make the collection pleasing to its loyal followers, as usual.  It seems like when I look closely at a single piece of dress, there are so many design elements in there to describe that I can immediately say that a single piece is truly a work of art. Of course, it goes without saying that these elements all go so well together and are very tastefully done.

It’s no wonder that Tartaleta has a strong following not only in Spain but also in England, and other parts of Europe where details, design, and craftsmanship are highly regarded. That’s why we’re so proud to include Tartaleta in our online girl’s boutique, Chichi Mary.

Pink Lace Sash Dress | Tartaleta | Spanish Kids Fashion
Tartaleta Pink Lace Sash Dress

Pink Girls Dresses | Tartaleta | Spanish Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
A closer look at the Pink Floral Open Back Dress and the Pink Party Dress from Tartaleta.

Pink Spring/Summer Party Dress | Tartaleta | Chichi Mary
Who would not love this Pink Party Dress for their girls?

Blue Floral Dress | Tartaleta | European Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
We love the elegance of this Blue Floral Dress.  The square neckline and back, tiered skirt, and lace trimmings on the bodice and hem are the common design elements present on a Tartaleta dress.

Peach & Lime Floral Dress | Tartaleta | European Kids Fashion
The Peach and Lime Floral Dress from Tartaleta embodies simplicity and elegance shown in its silhouette and great color palette.

These days, there are few children’s wear brands that offer these kinds of details. The level of craftsmanship of Tartaleta is incomparable and it never fails to present its unique classic romantic style every season.  For me, the brand consistently achieves including the right amount of ornamentation without overdoing it.  Everything goes well with each other --- silhouettes, color, texture, and ornaments. The color palette is always in season greatly complementing its timeless design.

Every girl, big or little, will be fascinated by the beauty of a Tartaleta dress. Not only does it give pleasure to the little wearer but it definitely delights both moms and dads. A Tartaleta dress is definitely fit not only for royalty but it's a great fit for our special little ones too!



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