Friday, April 15, 2016

The Joys of Online Shopping!

I love receiving packages in the mail. That moment of time after you ordered something online and have the package arrive feels like the excitement of Christmas morning.  I've found that this has replaced the moment of instant gratification when you purchase something at a brick and mortar store.

It seems funny now, but looking back, I didn’t have an instant love for online shopping. I originally came from the Philippines where online shopping didn’t exist before I left for the US a decade or so ago.  A few days after I settled here in the US, my husband and I had to purchase a laptop I needed for graduate school. He just immediately started browsing online, gave me different options and told me that once I make my decision, we could already finalize the purchase. I was hesitant at first. A few questions popped up…Is it secure? Is it safe? How can I guarantee that they will deliver it on time? With some trepidation, I went through the purchase. A few days after, my order finally arrived and I got so excited.

Online Shopping | Girl's Boutique Clothing | Chichi Mary

And so, it was the first of hundreds of purchases I've since made online. In fact, this is why my online girl’s boutique, Chichi Mary, was born.  These days, most people would prefer to do online shopping. As the retail industry realizes year after year, there's a new breed of consumers.  Among them are busy women who would prefer to shop online to hunt for unique products during their preferred shopping hours. Just like most women all over the world, I love online shopping and here are some of the top reasons why I do:

1. First and foremost -- convenience

When I first moved to the US, I didn’t know how to drive. I relied heavily on my husband to drive me to the mall.  With online shopping, I can do it within the convenience of my own home and I can do it anytime. I don’t have to travel, be stuck in the traffic, brave the crowd especially during holiday season.  Also, I don’t have to worry about mall hours. J

Mall | Philippines | Chichi Mary Blog
Typical mall traffic in the Philippines during a weekday.  Filipinos love going to the malls where online shopping is still in its infancy phase. The number of people inside a given mall has actually already decreased given the dramatic increase of the number of malls to go to.

2. It helps you save time

If I do most of my shopping online, I can spend more time with family and friends especially during weekends.  Instead of going to the mall, I can reserve the time for family activities and dinner with friends.  Now that I'm already a wife and a mom, I really appreciate the flexibility because there are more fun activities I would like to do with my family -- going to parks and museums is now a whole lot more fun for me nowadays than going to the mall.

Children's Museum of the Arts | Soho | NYC | Chichi Mary Blog
My daughter loves going to the museums & parks during weekends and even during trips.  Mary's favorite museum in New York City -- Children's Museum of the Arts in Soho.  Here, Mary is creating her own fashion piece at the Fine Arts Studio in her Imoga dress and Mary Jane velvet shoes.

3. It gives a certain feeling of excitement

It might be weird but for me, having packages delivered to your doorstep excites me! It’s like receiving gifts!  There’s an element of surprise associated with online shopping.

Shipping | Online Shopping | Girl's Boutique Clothing | Chichi Mary
A sample package from Chichi Mary! :)

4. It is your gateway to millions of options

One of my favorite advantages of online shopping is that you can browse thousands of options through different online stores. You’re not confined with the merchandise offered by the nearby malls/stores.  You can shop around the world through online shopping. It is amazing how you can find unique and quality products and your current location doesn’t hinder this.

This is also the inspiration behind Chichi Mary.  To be able to offer global girl's boutique brands of clothing & shoes that are not widely available. For example, in my online store, I get to feature Tartaleta - a famous girl's clothing brand from Madrid and Oca-Loca sandals, another famous brand of girl's shoes originally from Valencia, Spain.  The styles and designs are very different.  And for some people who are looking for great craftsmanship, unique and beautiful designs, they are keen for these kinds of brands. Each season, we're trying our best to comply with our goal, which is to bring global kids fashion to our customer's fingertips.

Google Shopping | Imoga | Chichi Mary Online Girl's Boutique
I love using Google shopping.  Whenever I search for a certain product, my options are immediately displayed and I can do price comparison immediately.  But remember, don't just stick with the price.  Some retailers display a low price but the shipping cost is really high.    For some retailers like Chichi Mary, we offer free shipping & no tax.

Whenever we go abroad and I discover a great brand during the trip, I usually check if they have online stores so that I can shop online for the next season.  In this case, it gives me the opportunity to buy products that I love even without going back to that place. This is what I especially enjoyed when I went to London last year because most of their local stores/brands have online stores and shipping costs are reasonable. 

Admittedly, the beauty of online shopping can also threaten our security online.  For the coming weeks, I will also blog about how to make sure that you're not only maximizing the benefits of online shopping but at the same time, making sure that you're doing it securely and safely.


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