Friday, May 13, 2016

Looking back at the English countryside!

It’s May and the first thing that comes to my mind are flowers! And when I think about flowers, I can’t help but think about English gardens. Our travels to Europe and Asia over the years made me realize that English garden landscape is my favorite!

What I love about English gardens is the combination of manicured style and the seemingly free flow of abundantly colorful flowers all in the same setting. From Hyde Park in London to Kensington Gardens to our travel to the English countryside, I didn’t lose interest in the English landscapes even for just a moment.  On this blog post I share some of my favorite pictures and settings when we had our day trip from London to Windsor, Bath, the medieval village of Lacock and Stonehenge.

On a side note, it's so interesting that as we do spring cleanup and prepare our yard for the summer, I find myself browsing our pictures in England again -- gaining inspiration and ideas on how to decorate our humble yard this season. Our trip to England has definitely made a mark on me!

Hyde Park | Siaomimi Ballerina Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
Who would not fall in love with Hyde Park?  My daughter couldn't stop wandering the grounds.  From its pond to its small garden nooks, it is a treat to have something like this in a bustling city like London.
Mary in her Siaomimi ballerina dress.

Hydrangeas | V & A Museum | London | Chichi Mary Blog
I love hydrangeas that's why I fell in love instantly with this row of hydrangeas at the V&A museum.

Kensington Palace Gardens | London | Chichi Mary Blog
Of course, the Kensington Palace Gardens should definitely not be missed.  Read more about our summer experience at the Kensington Palace Gardens.

Regent's Park | London | Imoga | Chichi Mary Blog
My daughter loves gardens.  That is why she and her dad didn't miss to go to Regen'ts Park right besides the London Zoo.
Mary is in her Imoga Patricia Rose dress.

The countryside daytrip portion of our England vacation started in Windsor.  This is a beautiful town where the famous Windsor Castle, the oldest occupied castle in the world, is located.  We often hear of Windsor Castle because this is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth and in fact, this is where the Queen welcomed Barack Obama during his recent visit in England.

Windsor Castle | Windsor | Chichi Mary Blog
A view of the Windsor Castle.  No, we didn't see any spectacular gardens here but only the typical English crushed stone driveway that reminds me of Downton Abbey and other English movies.  I'm always allured by these beautiful landscapes.

Windsor Castle | State Apartments | Chichi Mary Blog
At the grounds of Windsor Castle are St. George's Chapel and state apartments.

After Windsor, we had a stop in the city of Bath, a previously famous summer destination of the wealthy people in England during the 18th Century. What I love about Bath are the cream colored stone houses and buildings that you can see consistently around the city.  This is also where you can indulge yourselves on spas or original Roman style baths. Today, there's a lot of small cafes and interesting artisan shops around the city center.

Pulteney Bridge | Bath | Chichi Mary Blog
Pulteney Bridge in Bath, which they say was inspired by the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence and Ponte de Rialto in Venice.  It definitely looks way closer to the Ponte Vecchio  :)

Cream Colored Buildings | Bath | England | Chichi Mary Blog
The city center of Bath, where you can see beautiful cream colored stone buildings.  These golden colored stones are also called the Bath Stone.

Nooks and Alleys | Bath | England | Chichi Mary Blog
One of the nooks and alleys of Bath city center composed of cafes and shops.

Colorful Bistro Chairs | Bath | England | Chichi Mary Blog
I love all these beautiful steel bistro chairs in different colors.  I have seen these chairs used both in London and Bath.

From Bath was a short travel to the medieval village of Lacock, where we had our traditional English pub lunch -- cottage pies! I love the organic setting of Lacock.  From the picnic tables to the crushed stone landscaping, a sight of this beautiful town is truly mesmerizing.  No, it's not something flamboyant or pretentious. It is a medieval village after all. But I love how the beauty of nature is highlighted. Everything is consistent and definitely relaxing. And these days, this is where I gain inspiration for my yard.

Picnic Tables | Lacock |  England | Chichi Mary Blog

Deck & Potted Flowers | Lacock |  England | Chichi Mary Blog

Courtyard | Lacock |  England | Chichi Mary Blog

Potted Flowers & Topiary | Lacock |  England | Chichi Mary Blog

Ice Cream Shop | Lacock |  England | Chichi Mary Blog
Of course, my daughter wouldn't miss some ice-cream!

Last but definitely the least, who would miss Stonehenge when travelling the English countryside?!  It was beautiful indeed.  Perfect to cap off our trip that day!

Siaomimi | Cienta | Stonehenge |  England | Chichi Mary Blog

It was a long day for the three of us but what we love about these day trips is the convenience of not hopping from one hotel to another.  At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to take a look at the possible places where we would like to spend more time when we go back to England.  

Enjoy the season!


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