Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer is finally here and a Memorial Sale of course!

Growing up in a tropical country like the Philippines, I can’t help but to always look forward to the summer season.  Aside from the fact that I love going to white sand beaches, I also love wearing light weight clothing.  I can simply wear my favorite dresses and match it with my favorite sandals without the hassle of layering up.  It’s always effortless and easy to dress up for summer.  As a mom, it’s a big deal if you can immediately prepare yourself and get out of the house in 15 minutes.  Of course, same goes when it comes to dressing up our kids. 

Djaknamela | Stella Cove | Summer Beach Dress | Chichi Mary
A look back at a Boracay vacation when Mary was only 3.  She couldn't help herself from playing in the water in her Djaknemala/Stella Cove dress.

But one thing I’ve realized over the years is the importance of choosing the right clothing during the summer season.  It just doesn’t only depend on the style or design of the clothing.  You may just be wearing a plain tee or an easy breezy dress but if the fabric content of your clothing is synthetic, you will feel the heat of the sun even more.  It may not be that hot in reality but the material of your clothing can really worsen how hot you feel during the summer.  I’ve learned this the hard way over the years and thanks to my fabrication course at FIT because it helped me a lot when it comes to learning about fiber content. I usually ask, do people still know the difference in wearing a 100% cotton t-shirt especially in today's market where we are used to seeing an abundance of $5 clothing? Given the popularity of fast fashion, we feel spoiled with options -- great designs but poor quality and materials. These clothing are made of inferior materials that will usually last for only 2-3 washes.  

The most important thing is to look at the fiber content of the clothing.  Natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk are your best choices during summer because they are breathable. Forget about polyester these days!  I’ve been highlighting this over and over again in this blog because I believe that when it comes to dressing up (especially our active kids), style is not the only thing that matters.  It’s necessary to ensure that they are also comfortable in their clothing and wearing clothes made of natural fibers prevent them from aggravating skin diseases like eczema.

Stella Cove | Floral Dress | Chichi Mary
Another Boracay vacation when Mary was 5.  Stella Cove floral dress is our first choice when it comes to beachwear.

At our online kid’s boutique, Chichi Mary, we love Stella Cove during the summer!  The collection is very chic; the prices are reasonable; designs are timeless; materials are 100% cotton; and the quality is superb! It's not only great as a beachwear but it can be worn perfectly in different occasions.

Stella Cove | Floral Dress | Chichi Mary Blog
One of our best selling bubble dresses from Stella Cove.  The style is definitely timeless!  Paired with Oca-Loca sandals.

Stella Cove | Bathing Suit | Chichi Mary Blog
Stella Cove is known for its luxurious beachwear that features unique and bright prints.

We have also curated our summer-must haves at Chichi Mary, where we feature different collections from brands like Tartaleta, Siaomimi, Imoga and Oca-Loca sandals.  Depending on your lifestyle and your girl’s needs this season, you’ll always find something unique and beautiful at Chichi Mary (wink!) J

To kick off the summer season, we’re starting our Memorial Sale a little early.  From May 22 to May 27, take additional discount of more than 25% off!  I hope you’ll have a great time shopping at Chichi Mary!

Memorial Day Sale | Tartaleta | Chichi Mary Kid's Boutique



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