Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New England Island Vacation Part 2 - Nantucket!

How do you know that you had a blast during your vacation? Mine is pretty simple -- after a great vacation, I experience this withdrawal period because I’m still in awe from all the delicious food and shopping that I enjoyed during the trip. The urge to go back is so strong that even as soon as I get home, I already find myself browsing for available hotels at wherever I just came from. This is exactly how I felt about our recent trip to Nantucket.

Nantucket Port | Massachusetts | Chichi Mary Blog

Nantucket is another New England island, located in the southern part of Massachusetts. It’s pretty and very charming.  Compared to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s only about half the size. For some, it’s often compared to Malibu. It is known as one of the premier destinations in the U.S. and is accessible through plane or ferry. Coming from Cape Cod, it’s also a bit further compared to Martha’s Vineyard. By sea, the slow ferry takes two hours, while the fast (and more expensive) ferry cuts this down to an hour and change. But the long travel is all worth it -- and you can definitely feel the excitement of all the passengers on board the ferry with you.