Friday, August 5, 2016

Shopping On Sale!!

Who doesn't love a good sale? People who love to shop know what July and August mean. This is the time when retailers hold their semi-annual sales because it’s the end of the season and in the fashion world, fall items are arriving.  Retailers need to liquidate their stocks because new stocks are coming.  Cash and storage space are needed for the next batch of inventory.

Clearance | Sale | Kids Fashion | Chichi Mary
Just like all other retailers, Chichi Mary is also holding its semi-annual sale this season.

Admittedly, it’s always tempting to shop at bargain prices.  I remember when I was still based in the Philippines and I would go to Singapore to enjoy the Great Singapore Sale.  Some people I know still don’t like to shop if it’s not yet 70% off :).  Now that I’m in the U.S. or whenever we're travelling in Europe, I’m still fully aware of the sale season. It’s the perfect time to shop for the essentials that you’ve been planning to buy for so long or even better -- time to take advantage of the reduced prices to pamper yourself with the item that you’ve been coveting.  But how do you know that you’re really getting a great deal? Here are some tips when shopping during the sale season especially when it comes to fashion items.

Sale Banner | Spanish | Madrid | Chichi Mary Blog
Who doesn't love a sale?  A memorable sale banner when we went to Madrid during the month of July.

Desigual Store | Sale | Madrid | Chichi Mary Blog
It's great to browse local brands, and this is especially true in Spain where they make it a point to manufacture things locally to preserve the quality.  Here, we're looking at a Desigual Store.

Stick with the classic cuts/design or simply stick with the basics

When shopping on sale, don’t shop for something trendy.  Instead, look for styles that will last for a long time.  An oxford shirt, a plain silk blouse or a simple cut dress in neutral colors are great picks when shopping on sale because it won’t go out of trend during the coming seasons.  With a few layering and fashion accessory updates, classic clothing can be worn and enjoyed for a long time.

Choose neutral colors

Avoid non-sense colors! Don’t buy neon colors or bright colors that only look good on a specific season or colors that are just the “colors of the season”.  Neon pink or bright orange might not be great picks because these colors go out of style.  It is always safe to stick with your favorite color or neutral colors so that you can wear the items for many seasons or even better, go for the color that compliments your skin tone.  Do this and reduce your chance of buyer’s remorse.

As an example for girls, a baby pink or white pick is always a smart choice.  Girls love to wear pink all the time.  A navy color -- especially when it comes to their active wear or school wear -- is also a practical choice because it can withstand all the dirt our kids tend to attract and it can be worn all year round.

Quality, quality, quality

It’s always important to look at the quality. For example, I saw a local designer store during our recent trip to Nantucket that was selling a cotton silk tunic at 80% off in a neutral color.  Did I buy it?  Definitely.  It is worth it because it’s rare to find such a great deal.  A cotton silk tunic usually costs more than $150 and it was the perfect opportunity for me to add it to my wardrobe collection.  In cases like this, when quality, colors and classic style are all present, it’s not bad to buy more than one item to take advantage of the great discount.

 Consider the frequency of use

Because there are a lot of tempting items to shop when on sale, don’t forget to consider the frequency of use. Would you use it for a long time or on a daily basis?  If the item will just end up in your closet after one or two uses, it's probably not worth it.  It’s better to look for a sale item that you can frequently use.  A lot of people fall into this kind of trap where they just end up accumulating things or even disposing the items without even wearing them after a few years.

Remember, less is more.  It’s better to have a few quality items than having a lot of so-so ones. I know it’s very tempting to shop during clearance events and sometimes, it’s just one of the spur of the moment things. But it’s always great to be smart when it comes to shopping.  Smart shopping is not just a matter of getting items on sale or at low prices but it’s more of purchasing good quality items that will be useful for a long time.  In this case, you’re helping the environment as well.

So here's wishing all of us happy hunting, and may great deals always turn up!


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